Small Thing I Did to Save Money Today!


I found flavoured tofu in the fridge, so now I can put off grocery shopping until tomorrow, AND won’t resort to unplanned takeaway tonight.


This was yesterday’s – was going to buy a fancy coffee to drink while meeting/chatting with a friend, but then the line was really long so I decided I didn’t need it. The conversation was just as good! (We were in a public gathering space where you don’t have to purchase things to occupy space. Wish there were more of those around…)

I was thinking about doing a grocery run today, but really don’t need to so I think I will defer and have a no drive/no spend day.


Can I say “being depressed and not going outside” saved me money today? Because it did. Being a couch lump is pretty cheap.

Oh! I ate leftovers. Those are cheap.


Went to Costco with a buddy today! We carpooled (first win) and then proceed to get what was on our list and not a bunch of other shit (second win). Got a good deal on some ‘staples’ in my life: canned salmon, olives, walnuts, as well as bulk laundry detergent that I needed.


I love how basically everything everyone is posting is about food.
But it’s the low hanging fruit.
giggle snrt

Today instead of stopping for take-out the way I wanted, I went straight home and cooked something. It wasn’t great, but once the garlic was chopped I was committed.
As a bonus, since I was cooking anyways, I threw together a pot of chili so there is good food for the week.
So I guess today I did a twofer?


This reminds me that a friend and I have been considering a joint Costco membership! And maybe delivery for some things.


I added my driving thingy membership number to my natural gas account so I get a discount! I also got a rewards card for 1 of the 2 grocery stores we shop at, but I have no idea how it works. I’ll swipe it for a while until I find out!


I took a load of my Kon-maried clothes to Value Village – all the stuff nobody was interested in on my Buy Nothing group. I got the 20% off coupon but did NOT go in to browse. Will wait until DH is back so that we can maximize amount discounted.


Met with a financial advisor at work today - work is finally hiring retirement advisors who are not selling anything and are fiduciaries. On the minus side: I forgot to take my login for the 457, and that allocation is what I most wanted advice for. On the plus side: lots of good advice and resources for helping aging parents with finances, which I’m starting to do as of this weekend, with taxes. And I can schedule another consult (online) when I get the rest of my act together.

Also, yesterday I comparison shopped auto insurance because ours went up. Sadly found that what we have is the best we can get, but this time no guilt because I checked.


I bought a delicious out drink and ate my thermos of delicious food (instead of giving in to a STRONG desire for both)


I ran to my office before a lecture to get a discount on my hot chocolate to stay awake during the lecture even though I was running late this morning. I also made lunch for myself & DH.


Walked everywhere (as usual).

Chose the cheaper of two restaurant options to go to with my BIL last night. Half the cost it would have been (well, not quite. I doubt Husband would have had a beer at the other place).

Kept a better eye on my veggies this week in the fridge, and only ended up with a small amount of cucumber spoilage. (It went to the compost). This is better than some weeks… I like imperfect produce, but a few of their items will go bad quicker than I expect :confused: usually they’re good though.


I’m making onion soup, with homemade onion stock and a wee bit of bouillion.


I was considering getting a burrito after recording the show, but realized if I stopped, I’d have to get another transit ticket (instead of my using my $2.50 3-hour ticket for my return.) So I went home and made lunch. Saved $2.50 for a transit ticket, $7 for a burrito.


I’m skipping out on a friend’s cheese and wine night because I’m too cheap to buy cheese or wine and I want to use up the food in the freezer anyway.


Walked to the store. Combined a special grocery trip with a car trip I was already taking (same shopping complex). Continuing to get all my books from the public library.


Made myself an odds and ends sandwich instead of purchasing dinner because I hadn’t planned ahead. :slightly_frowning_face:


Ate leftovers! Drank office coffee! Walked home from the store!


Bus to the airport! No uber


Made lunch for DH, myself and packed afternoon tea for Toddler.