Small Thing I Did to Save Money Today!


What small thing did you do to save money today?

Today I was downtown when it was pouring rain, and I almost took the train home instead of biked home. But I decided to bike, and saved myself $2.50 and got some exercise!


I put chickpeas in the slow cooker before bed!


I packed my lunch. :smile: Leftovers from last night’s dinner.


I did NOT take my morning meeting at the coffee shop, and instead came home and made my own tea ($3.00 saved.)


Lunch today was leftovers and tap water. Dinner will probably be the same!

Last night I was out and I ordered a decaf coffee instead of a cocktail or glass of wine. That saved at least $8.


Used a coupon for a free birthday lunch and only ate half so I’ll have leftovers for tomorrow. Signed up for a focus group next week that will pay me $50 for about an hour’s worth of time.


We’re still digging out from Snowmageddon up here in Seattle, so I’m on my 5th day of not leaving the house (except to shovel snow and slush). Still have plenty of food in the fridge and my car is parked at the top of our hill so I’m going to try to wait until Friday before I go grocery shopping again. Also saving on gas as the car has been parked most of the last two weeks!


Fiancee and I combined cell phone plans this weekend. I’ve been closely watching the account to see what our new combined bill will be and noticed that they tried to sneak in mobile protection onto his phone. He brought over a phone he’s had for 2+ years, so it’s old and definitely doesn’t need insurance. I was able to cancel that recurring charge, so saved $13 a month on something that shouldn’t have been on the bill anyways… :joy:


DH had a biking accident a couple of months ago while back in China helping care for his parents. He paid out of pocket for a trip to the ER and some follow up tests (he had a minor fracture to his ribs that wasn’t immediately obvious). He had travel insurance, but it was somewhat difficult to submit the claim. He finally got the notification yesterday – after several weeks of back and forth – that they are sending him the reimbursement. It isn’t a ton of money – probably $200-300 – but better than nothing.


Good catch!!


We needed to go to Target and the grocery store today, so we decided to pick up baby formula at Target, where we can get it directly off the shelf and not wait for someone to get it from a locked cabinet. Not only was the formula a little cheaper at Target, they were offering a $5 gift card for a future purchase if you bought two. Good deal!

I won’t mention how much we ended up spending between Target and the grocery store though :grimacing:


I gave myself a hair cut!


Took my partner’s wireless wi-fi device with me when I went out to play Pokemon Go so wouldn’t use my cell phone’s data plan.
Gotta catch 'em all. :wink:


Had originally suggested to kids that we go out for a meal this weekend. But I had beef ribs defrosting that I need to use up, so nixed that plan. The ribs weren’t cheap ($10/lb from Costco), but they were already paid for and still cost less than even a cheapish meal out for the three of us. Plus I get another no driving day (have had a lot of those this month due to the snow)


I used leftover rice to make rice milk and then instant vanilla pudding this weekend! It gave a nice job glow to the flavour and saved$$$


Hosted a financial meetup last night and people brought enough food that between that and leftover chili I made for the meetup - I’m set for all meals for the week.


I parked in cheaper parking, and I made my lunch AND my husband’s two days in a row!


I really didn’t want to pack lunch this morning, but I DID. And I used up the last of some food that probably wouldn’t have kept.


Congrats! That’s always a victory!


DS did not take the lunch I packed him yesterday (leftovers), but he did take it today! I will also have leftovers for lunch today. A twofer!