Small Thing I Did to Save Money Today!


I resisted joining Ally for a while whenever my Ally evangelist friend brought it up. But I finally joined when I wanted to leave Wells Fargo and now I’m an Ally evangelist lol. I love my savings accounts and my interest rate has gone up steadily since I joined!


I think I heard about Ally when the savings rate was comparable to Amex, so I didn’t bother. But now, fees, and I’m like OHHH THAT’S RIGHT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT NO FEE ACCOUNTS FOR YEARS.


Made myself dumpling soups for lunch so I don’t feel like eating out later (hopefully).


I’m choosing to just see this as a victory. Because I check Mint all the time, I saved us from a bit of a disaster. Turns out with our new CC, Husband had not in fact set up autopay. So a late charge came up. But spotting this enabled us to have him go in immediately and pay manually, and avoid interest accumulated on over $11,000 (we had put the first part of our IVF cost on there!) I’ll have him call the company in a bit- when he logged in, you could see where he had already entered the bank account info and it had been approved as being a good account. But apparently you ALSO need to then go an set up autopay in a different screen. This seems like BS, so I’m hoping they’re understanding and will refund us the $27.


Good job!


@hah this is huge!


Went to a house warming. Combined a Trader Joe’s trip with getting a housewarming gift- a nice hyacinth in water in a glass bulb vase so you can see the roots- pretty cool looking! And they’re only $2.99, so the plant close to blooming and a thematically matched card was less than I would have paid for even a bottle of wine, and was more appreciated anyway (they’re definitely plants > alcohol).


I went to the store for pudding but they were sold out so I bought toilet paper instead. Toilet paper is a smarter purchase. I miss the pudding, though…


Combined trips with a family member heading in the same direction :slight_smile:


Packed my lunch even though I didn’t have anything fun or tasty. A vegemite sandwich is fine; the cheapest option near my work is $12…


Talked DH out of ordering pizza. I dunno if that was a good idea because instead I ate like 3 grapes and half a scrambled egg…