Small Thing I Did to Save Money Today!


I resisted joining Ally for a while whenever my Ally evangelist friend brought it up. But I finally joined when I wanted to leave Wells Fargo and now I’m an Ally evangelist lol. I love my savings accounts and my interest rate has gone up steadily since I joined!


I think I heard about Ally when the savings rate was comparable to Amex, so I didn’t bother. But now, fees, and I’m like OHHH THAT’S RIGHT PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT NO FEE ACCOUNTS FOR YEARS.


Made myself dumpling soups for lunch so I don’t feel like eating out later (hopefully).


I’m choosing to just see this as a victory. Because I check Mint all the time, I saved us from a bit of a disaster. Turns out with our new CC, Husband had not in fact set up autopay. So a late charge came up. But spotting this enabled us to have him go in immediately and pay manually, and avoid interest accumulated on over $11,000 (we had put the first part of our IVF cost on there!) I’ll have him call the company in a bit- when he logged in, you could see where he had already entered the bank account info and it had been approved as being a good account. But apparently you ALSO need to then go an set up autopay in a different screen. This seems like BS, so I’m hoping they’re understanding and will refund us the $27.


Good job!


@hah this is huge!

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Went to a house warming. Combined a Trader Joe’s trip with getting a housewarming gift- a nice hyacinth in water in a glass bulb vase so you can see the roots- pretty cool looking! And they’re only $2.99, so the plant close to blooming and a thematically matched card was less than I would have paid for even a bottle of wine, and was more appreciated anyway (they’re definitely plants > alcohol).


I went to the store for pudding but they were sold out so I bought toilet paper instead. Toilet paper is a smarter purchase. I miss the pudding, though…


Combined trips with a family member heading in the same direction :slight_smile:


Packed my lunch even though I didn’t have anything fun or tasty. A vegemite sandwich is fine; the cheapest option near my work is $12…


Talked DH out of ordering pizza. I dunno if that was a good idea because instead I ate like 3 grapes and half a scrambled egg…

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Sober HaH arranged to have good hangover foods in the house, which Hungover HaH is now enjoying. If I hadn’t done this, I know I would have resorted to getting takeaway - probably even paying for delivery.


I guess instacart screwed up a prior order pretty bad, cuz they gave me a $45 credit. I don’t remember this at all but I will happily take advantage of it.


I am putting up with eating the same damn thing for the 4th meal in a row because our new chinese place gave us enough food to feed an army when we ordered takeout on Monday night. I am getting mighty sick of chicken lo mein, but I’m going to have it for lunch and finish it off and just look forward to something new for dinner.

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Husband probably has a work dinner tonight. My first thought was I’d go somewhere for dinner. Instead, I thawed some butternut squash ravioli that I’m excited about. It’ll be easy to make and tasty, and way cheaper than getting takeout or something.


We are strategically eating down foods that were left at our house after a barbecue this weekend. Not as delicious as what I’d usually cook, but less food waste + saved money = a great thing.

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I boiled all the eggs that hadn’t gone off so we had them for lunch today and have more for tomorrow. We’ve made it through on these and leftovers all week so far.


Cooking up veges from the fridge before they go bad.

Inventorying the pantry so we can keep working through ingredients.

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I hit snooze approx. one billion times, but still managed to chuck frozen shit in my bag for breakfast and lunch.
Breakfast: purchased frozen potato and spinach cakes in the shape of dinosaurs for children
Lunch: leftover chicken plus a box of soup
Making the bus on time: Priceless


When I needed to do something to entertain the toddler today, I picked the cheapest thing within walking distance.