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A finished Camaro sweater just in time for Easter as hoped. Not blocked yet, but I will still be wearing it.

(eta: the mirror is over 50 years old, my jeans and wall are not that dirty)


That is a gorgeous pattern, I love the v shape.

I’m attempting to make a skirt and messing with a pattern so that it sits on my hip bones instead of natural waist, because I can’t find a pattern for one that does. So I’m making an Aus size 14 for my Aus size 10 self and crossing my fingers…


I have heard lots of good things about those patterns, excited to see how it turns out!

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She lives in my city. It seems NUTS to think there’s an actual indie designer who lives near me! Nobody lives here! (The pattern is so easy to read I think I’m having a case of #fangirl )


I’m in the process of decluttering my sewing stash. As the idea of throwing things out is not my cup of tea, I tried to give the superfluous fabrics and batting a new purpose: Enter the Hideaway kitty bed

Needless to say I had a lot of ‘help’ in the process


That’s adorable. :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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I’m learning to cable right now and having a ton of fun. Once this project is complete I’m getting yarn for the Kate Davies owl sweater. :two_hearts:


Done but not blocked. It is still a lot smaller than I wanted but I’m hoping once it’s blocked it will grow. Given the stockinette and how open the lace is I think it will. I striped in both skeins of yarn and it made the sides kind of rigid which I’m not super jazzed about but I’m waiting to see how it feels when it dries. I used some Soak on it and that usually helps.


That’s better! Excited to wear this!


Do you have a pattern link or did you make it up? It looks great!

There are so many cool projects everyone’s doing! I’m going through my project and mending piles now and sorting by whether I want to finish it and how close I am to finishing. “How close to finishing” is different to “how much I have done” because some projects are very quick to finish even if I’ve only just started them. Hoping to get a bunch of stuff out of my to do list, I do better with only a small number of WIPs.


I found the pattern on a blog and followed this tutorial: (it’s in German) The pattern seems to be no longer available online. If anyone might be interested I might have stored it on my phone, so I could try to dig it up and send via PM

On a sidenote: Isn’t it great when you put effort in to make something for your cat and they are not like: Well, interesting, I’ll sleep in that cardboardbox, thank you


Oh my goodness. I think I’m in love with this skirt pattern. It’s perfect for if you change size a bit ( I fluctuate sizes between tiny, small and hopefully maternity sometime this year). I haven’t hemmed properly yet but Megan Nielsen Patterns get an A+ for clarity of instructions, ease of changing the design and overall awesome from me. It took about 7 hours because I traced the pattern onto greaseproof paper and had to be creative as I was using up fabric scraps. Still got a few press studs to add, but they will be quick.


I had 50g of yarn left over from the last socks, so I tried striping with a small amount of leftover brown (truffle) to make another pair. I started with a broken seed stitch, and then moved to a basic 3x1 broken rib.

Cast off last night after 3 fails at yarn chicken. 2nd sock already in progress.


Y’all, I’m having Cheapness Flails. I really like Chiaogoo steel knitting needles (I have one of their circular sets and some of their dpns) and I’m in the market for a fuller set of dpns (including some I need to finish a current project). A six-needle set (0–3, plus case) is 45 bucks right now. There are cheaper vendors, but they’re… not Chiaogoo, and a lot of them are wood or bamboo needles, which I really dislike using. And I love the exact pointiness of these dpns.



Yes, plus good quality lasts longer so you will replace less often thereby saving money in the long run.

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I am pretty sure I’d bust wooden dpns, especially in the 0–3 range. They’re too grippy and sooo thin.

And all the cheap metal dpns just… look too pointy?

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@diapasoun I loooove chiagoo needles. I pretty much only buy them. I have a few bamboo needles but they were pretty much all gifts. They’re totally worth it!


Metal Chiagoo are worth it. that red cord makes a huge difference.

I’m working with bamboo Chiagoo for my socks right now, and they’ve almost worn down to uselessness (when the grain gets exposed and catches at the fibre)

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I’ve never even contemplated working down bamboos that much. I’ve borrowed bamboo/wood needles and hooks a few times and just… nope. I like my slippy needles too much.

I have them in my cart, and a set of the large interchangeables as well. gulp

It helps that I remembered I have some gift cards from my mom. I can use these, AND tell her that I used up a gift card on something fun for me instead of boring ol’ groceries.


I went to a class today to learn to use my walking foot and make a thick spiral “jelly roll” rug. Now I have an outlet for all my scraps! I’m making a blue/ Brown may for my bedroom and then having a go at using the technique to make a large fabric tub.


That method looks like it would make amazing trivets and coasters. Suhweeeeet.

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