Share your WIP


Have you heard/seen helical knitting? It is a great way to alternate in the round without needing to carry up the yarn evenly.

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I am looking this up.

This is one thing I always like about crochet: Even in the round, you have to crochet differently in order to make a helix (i.e., not make your “turning” chains).


Just reached the same part where I decided to switch colors on my other one and wanted to compare for size. Looks like with the new needle size I gained maybe 1-1.5 inches. I’m happy with that. Now for a lifeline and to start the lace!


Looking good!


I have two current WIPS. One is very responsible. I put an item up on Bunz that I didn’t need any more instead of giving it to a charity shop, and a local person had stash sock yarn (Lorna’s Laces) which I am making into socks.

The second WIP was an FO. I made a cropped cardigan, and decided to frog it. So now I’m making a replacement sweater and it is taking so long. And I haven’t even started on the sleeves.

I’m having fear of commitment with my yarn. Which is silly, because as above, I know that I can frog and redo if I really don’t like it. Too much ‘choose your own adventure’ as a kid - I wish I could hold this page and look at a couple of possible futures and then make a more informed decision.


Lace progress! Thanks to the crafty ladies on WhatsApp I found the correct way to S2KP and am on my way!


That lace is gonna be so pretty.

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Hey, it’s a sweater-like object. Too pink maybe. But I feel like I should finish it before I know for sure.


Ooooooh I like this! So pretty!


So many awesome projects on here! My avatar is a little frog I crocheted many years ago, does that count as a WIP? :slightly_smiling_face:


I stayed home yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well, and between all the sleeping, I got almost all the foot done of my sock. Wednesday night I was turning the heel, picking up the gusset, and Thursday night I started on toe decreases.


Ooh, pretty yarn!


… are you still working on it? :wink:

Do you have socks in progress rn?


This yarn is super frugal! I put up some baking pans on Bunz, and a local person offered me 100g of Lorna’s Laces sock yarn in return. Which is pretty good for something I had been planning to drop off at the local charity shop + a tea at Starbucks while I waited for the swap.

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sweater body cast off, first sleeve 3/4 done. I’m aiming for this to be an Easter sweater, since I don’t need to be as careful with knitwear now that all the nieces and nephews are past the burping & spit up phase.

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The fuzzy grey boucle circle scarf begins…


I am not sure what to do. This is the same skein for both sleeves. I am starting to think i need to reknit the first sleeve and alternate with the second half. Very annoying. It is the same skein - there are no knots.

I hate sleeves.

ETA: this morning I had a sleeve and a half. This evening I have 0 sleeves. Reknitting and alternating so that they will match and I won’t just have the dark graphite lines on one sleeve.


I am a beginner (first project as an adult) so not at the level of most of you, but I love seeing your projects! Here’s mine, I think I was leaving the tails too long at first because I’m really low on a couple of colors but I think I’m getting better.

ETA: This is a pattern package (all in one style) from The Stitchery.


I’m getting ‘Fox and the Hound’ vibes


Love this!! I did a lot of cross stitching in high school and found it very meditative. I’ve seen some really cute kits in stores recently that have been very tempting…not that I need another project