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And trying it flipped upside down
-looks fine from the front, but too cropped on the back, so better for a dress or something high waisted

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Fit check on the hoodie vest with cursed mottled grey purple yarn. It looks better in the photo than i was expecting. The plan is to rip it back and make it again with different yarn - most importantly giving one more inch in the arm scythe.


My niece is due in 12 days. I’m finally starting on her blanket. I’m going to be doing a lot of crocheting over the next 2 weeks.


Ahh look at that! Looks like a nice sized square, so not toooo many to make unless you’re going for a full size blanket.

I am now basically where I got to with this hoodie but with different yarn and one size bigger.

And I’m trying to decide whether to rip it out again and make it just in light and dark mottled grey instead of striping with purple. The one size bigger is the right call.

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It will be one giant square. I don’t do joining.


Even betterrrrrr

This is going to be a patch for my apron.


I have gotten to this point a second time with this hoodie pattern and I think it should probably be light mottled grey and dark mottled grey and I stop trying to add in purples.

frog frog frog


Am I being overly optimistic about just doing the ribbing and blocking for the stripes shirt? I am also realizing this is very similar in feel to another sweater I already own.

Definitely need more length in the hoodie.


I like the stripes shirt.

When you say overly optimistic - are you asking about length? Because I think what you have will be a perfect length once you have that touch of ribbing. It already looks good on you.

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yes, I’m thinking length. occasionally I’ll convince myself things are the right length/size, and then I cast it off and somehow it seems 10-15% smaller. These are my highest waisted pants, so I’ll also check with a midrise jean after I block it.

The hoodie suffers from being knit with ramen yarn, but I hope a soak will loosen and smooth everything out

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I haven’t decided what to do about sleeves, and I need to clean up the end of the icord, but I think it is in a good place.


Unsure if this will stay in this form. I might want vertical striping?

The neckline is also not great, i think it needs more short rows.


Go as far on sleeves as can and hope to get around the elbow, or finish ribbing just above?


I think keep going- that is my preference.

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I think both options would look good on you. What would feel more comfortable, given the weight of the sweater otherwise?

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it’s fingering, it will be fine at any weight.

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Ok, so i gave up on that hoodie after way too many tries and repurposed that cursed yarn one more time

Now i will do the bottom ribbing in the darker colour, and then the final sleeve.


Oooo I’m really liking those stripes.