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it’s a made up colourway - helical knitting to give a mashup of a regia and some lang.

and then of course the contrast heels & toes. Because I have a weakness for golds and mustards.


Mmm yep i like all those colours


What is helical knitting?

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helical knitting is a way of doing single stripes in circular knitting that avoids the jogs that happen when you carry the yarn up. It also fixes the weird tension ladder that sometimes occurs when carrying the yarn.

So you have colour A and colour B.
You knit colour A until you are 3 stitches before where you left off with colour B.
Then you drop yarn A and slip three stitches purlwise without working them.
Now the stitch on your needle has B as the working yarn, and you knit around until you are 3 stitches away from where you dropped off A.
Then you drop yarn B and slip three stitches purlwise without working them.
Now the stitch on your needle has A as the working yarn…

You are chasing the yarn in a spiral as you go around, making a double helix, which is where it gets the name ‘helical’. You can do this with more than two strands, just keep picking up and moving along for as long as you are truly working in the round.

In other words, you aren’t just switching colours at the end of the row, you switch colours as you get close to the next yarn. Because you aren’t doing the switch and carrying the yarn up a row (just working once you get there), there isn’t the jog or any tension weirdness.

It made a lot more sense when I tried it.


This is a great explanation, thanks! I’ve wondered how to do stripes without jogs.


Using up the last of the yarn from the last sock by introducing a new main colour, plus additional dark gold for the contrast heel and toe. (The original ran out while i was doing heel short rows)

Started with the new colour striping the brown, and then when the brown ran out, brought in the redish orange.