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Uggh so I’m about to start on the lacework of my shawl and 1) I can see about 3 places I screwed up 10 rows ago. Not super noticeable but still bothers me and 2) I’m supposed to have 203 stitches and somehow I have 204. I have no idea how this happened or how to fix it.

Considering frogging the whole thing and starting over on bigger needles.

@diapasoun can we see a photo of this magical yarn?


@diapasoun oh, that sounds so cozy! I’ve been thinking of making something like this:

Sounds like your yarn would be perfect.

@Ckni27 That is really frustrating! I would actually lean towards frogging and using bigger needles since you aren’t thrilled with the overall size anyway? Between not being thrilled with it AND being bothered by the stitch, if I finished it I would probably never use it because it would just annoy me haha


I could even start it over in the new yarn color since I have that too. I think I might go with new yarn + a size up in needles. I know the first 3 charts really well now so hopefully I’ll catch any mistakes and it will knit up faster. I can use the old yarn color for this pattern next


@ckni27, ain’t nothing wrong with frogging. I just frogged something like 2000 stitches out of my crocheted afghan because I didn’t like how some of the color changes had gone. I’ll have to redo the work, but I’ll appreciate the end product SO much more.

(also that pattern you posted is GORGEOUS)

Photo of the yarn is below, with a 5mm crochet hook for size (my hands are tiny and like… not always good for sizing). It’s not actually a very bulky yarn; it looks like a two-ply! Definitely better for knits, I think, to take best advantage of its texture. (This is something I never thought about when I got into knitting: I thought about the different weight and texture of the fabric in relation to particular types of garments/FOs, but I never thought about how differently a yarn would work up in knit versus crochet – I think this boucle is at its best in stockinette.)

I love infinity scarves, @QueenAlice!


Definitely going to frog the whole thing and use that yarn for the Mitali pattern, started on the old pattern in the new yarn with a bigger needle and I think I’m going to like it. Especially with a bigger/less tight fabric and once the sun gets to it a little. I think it will be perfect for vacation this summer because the lake were going to tends to be a bit breezy and I’ll want a nice wrap in the late afternoons/evenings

@diapasoun that yarn looks amazing! Definitely needs to be something squishy


First attempt at C2C stitch to practice for the giant hogwarts graphghan. I’m really impressed with myself :joy:


Finished scarf!


Looooove this! Grey/black/white are my favorites


That is gorgeous! I love those colors too.


Oh, it looks wonderful!!


Ohhh so lovely, and it looks so warm and like it wraps around the neck juuuuust right!


Thanks everyone!! I’m really pleased with the scarf.

Started a smaller/simpler graphgan as a practice piece before the Harry Potter graphgan. Any guess what it’s going to be? :grin:


Not a WIP but routine maintenance, accidentally dragged my favorite shawl through the dirt when it was hanging out of my stroller basket yesterday so I decided to wash it and Bobbin’s baby blanket. Giving my shawl a light block overnight.


That’s so cute! I love the teeth! :joy:


Did someone say amigurumi?

Here’s an elephant I made for my niece. I’ve made two others for friends’ kids, which is unusual for me. Usually once I’ve done a pattern I don’t feel the need to do it again (making socks and mittens a challenge!), but this one was super fun.

I’ve also made hand puppets:


Those are so cute! I still have ones my mom’s godmother’s mother (… I know!) made for me and my brother when we were tiny. They are treasures. :slight_smile:


I love corner-to-corner! Your stitches look very nice. I’ve never tried a graphgan - I generally stick to stripes and plaid-ish.


Oh noooo I used to know very basic crochet, like, my most advanced project was a knit cap, but now I really want to make that elephant!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I want to learn to make these very much


Omg. The hand puppets. :heart_eyes: