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It looks like a dragon wing. :DDD


Ooooh I’ve never seen it that way and now that’s all I see! Totally going to think that every time I look at it now and I’m not one bit mad about it


Are you satisfied with the fabric itself? If you’d like it a little lighter, you could always redo it with bigger needles and then you’d have a larger object with a little less heft – easier than redoing a lacework pattern.

Alternately, workshop redoing the lacework with us? :wink:


I actually thought about doing bigger needles. That wouldn’t change anything except yardage required, right? These are on an 8 with a 10 for bind off so I could go up to 9 or 10 and see how it goes.

I kinda want to make the pattern bigger as a challenge for myself, and since I have you lovely people to help me I might have the courage to do it!

Also, this yarn isn’t the color I wanted so I also figure I can knit it up as is, see how it turns out and then go get the color I actually wanted and do it again. My LYS didn’t have what I wanted and I wanted to start right away so I compromised. It is impossible to have too many knitted items.


Knitting them on larger needles will definitely make a slightly different fabric, since it’ll be looser loops, but otherwise – no, it’d just need a bit yarn. Nothing else would change. :slight_smile:

And yeah, you know we can help!

A tester shawl could also make a great birthday/holiday gift (or could be something to wrap Bobbin up in!).


Oooh that’s true! I could definitely save it for a gift or use it for Bobbin, she is already a fan of her hand knits


Bobbin has good taste


Hit the first color transition :tada:


THIS IS MY NEXT (and probably will take the rest of my life) PROJECT :heart_eyes:
(click through to the full post because it is so much more than just the Hogwarts crest)


I want to like this several more times. I want to knit Bobbin (and lets be real, myself) some HP and Petit Prince things. Eventually her nursery will be decorated in a literary theme if I ever get around to it


I’ve been wanting to do some themed knits – part of me wants to make Boyfriend a Weasley sweater. :wink:

ETA: I like the color change on that shawl, too.




My LYS just posted an IG story that they’re restocked in my favorite yarn including the original color I wanted for my shawl…guess who is going there to buy it? Glad I have points, I should be able to get like $20 off my total


I misread that as yam. I thought you should know.
Is your color of choice a burnt orange, by any chance?


Haha no burnt orange here. But that is my favorite shade of yam?

Bobbin and I are hanging out with the sheep while they wind my yarn. It is 73* today and I am not mad at all about it


Bobbin can bond with bahhhhbin the sheep. ;D


Oh my goodness this is gorgeous, Queen Alice. Your pattern is definitely written confusingly. I admit to preferring the patterns as charts instead of written (or best is BOTH) for this reason.

I’m at the last few rows for my “knitted square bunny”. Now I just have to find the instructions again.


My reply is a little late, but blocking would make a big difference to the look and size of your finished fabric! Would highly recommend it for all projects, but especially shawls.


Yeah the last shawl I made did get noticeably bigger after I blocked it, this one just seems so much smaller than the finished measurements in the pattern that I’m not sure even blocking it will get it close, but I’m still only halfway through so maybe I’ll be wrong


So, I have a big honking skein of a nice gray boucle yarn. I got it for free somewhere at some point. It’s very squishy and soft. Terrible for detail work, but it knits up nice n fuzzy and makes a lovely squishy stockinette.

Given the squishiness, I don’t like this as a hat; it’s something that really goes well with a wrap-yourself-up vibe. I don’t think I have quite enough for a full cowl, but that’s the vibe I’m going for – big squishy circle scarf. Any other ideas for this yarn?