Share Your Favorite Small Businesses!

COVID19 is hitting small businesses really hard, so I thought it might be cool to have a place where we can share links so that more people can find what they need at small businesses. Feel free to share a link to where we can purchase their products (or social media where we can support them without spending if that’s not in the budget) and share what you love about the business!


My favorite Wisconsin bookshop is Room of One’s Own.
They are Good People.
Please support them!

They are doing $1 shipping of books!

8 Likes - This is my cousin’s coffee business. He started as a roaster and just a few months ago opened a coffee shop. I’ve been buying his coffee exclusively for over a year now and I genuinely love it. He takes trips to the farms that grow his beans and makes a true effort to know as much as he can about where his products come from and the people who make it possible. You can find Basecamp on Facebook here and Instagram here. - Full disclosure, this shop sells my clothing line. But that’s not why I’m posting about her. She sells tons of independent brands and has bath products, face masks, cozy candles, awesome PJ’s and things like that which people might want in the current circumstances. I am a big fan of Sanctuary Beauty - the shower steamers are amazing and I’m about to order some lotion because handwashing + eczema = ouch. She’s in a mad rush to switch her shop platform over (she started this project before the outbreak, so the timing is both terrible and great!) I’m also planning to buy a few small gifts to ship to some friends to brighten their day and she has lots of giftable things in all price ranges which I love. You can find Park Story on Facebook here and Instagram here.

ETA: forgot to add that she’s taking orders via DM on instagram if you see something in her feed that you want but isn’t on the website shop yet


My favorite Boston bookstore is the Brookline Booksmith, which is doing online ordering now. They’re a very welcoming space, they do book recommendations via their Instagram stories where people can ask for their next reads, and they invite a ton of authors to speak there. When I lived in Boston, I spent so much time there. They have been around for dozens of years and outlived a Barnes and Noble in their neighborhood.

A restaurant/bar I love in Boston is called Trina’s Starlite Lounge. It is run by a queer woman and does all sorts of things to support queer causes in Boston. It’s the place in Boston that all the food industry people go to because they do a brunch for industry people on Mondays. We went here before we got married at the courthouse down the street, and the owner was so sweet and paid for our meal and gave us a free bottle of champagne. They are good people. They are currently selling all their food take-out and giving all the proceeds directly to staff. They set up a Venmo for their staff. These are good people and they are a home for a lot of queer food people in the Boston area.


Thought of some more. For all my fellow crafty people here, my LYS and LFS are both doing their best to serve customers online.

All things yarn/fibre - Facebook, Instagram

All things fabric - Facebook, Instagram

Neighborhood Fiber Co. - Baltimore made yarn, hand dyed in their studio. They do a lot to support a ton of local causes Facebook, Instagram


If anyone has a online shopping coffee place with a DECAF dark roast, ideally French roast or something similar, I’d be all over that.


My favourite coffee shop had to close so I’m buying gift cards from them online. I’m also looking into season tickets for my city’s independent theatre. I can see some plays (later) and feel morally excellent. Win-win!


Sea Grape Bath and Body is a local Portland soap/candle/lotion/etc place with a witchy bent. Their in-person store is closed but they’re still doing online delivery. I’ve tried their bar soap, shampoo bars, and massage oils and they’re really nice smelling!


My local coffee roaster has great beans and a decaf French roast:

Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Co.


My beloved local coffee shop is 100% vegan, supports a different animal charity every month, and is still roasting!

The art/craft/stationery shop is not able to do classes, but you can buy art supplies online:


Yarn Shop Santa Cruz is closed right now – not sure if they’re shipping – but they sell gift certificates and have a TON of scrumptious yarns. They sell a bunch of local yarn makers, too. I’ll update if I find out re: shipping.

Bookshop Santa Cruz is my main squeeze. I know a bunch of employees there and they’re just wonderful – lots of book events and community events, lots of great book recommendations. They sell ebooks and to my knowledge they’re still shipping out books.

Keplers Books is a semi-local book shop that also has amazing events and has an entire literary foundation devoted to bringing in authors for talks and getting books to kids in local schools. They were a key part of the 1960s Bay Area revolution and are fucking fantastic (and a very good friend of mine works for them and runs their events). They are still shipping out books from online orders.


Sweet, placed an order. Before shipping it’s actually better priced than my local shop.


Omfg are you serious?! I always think of their beans as expensive!

Bless SCCR.

ETA: Also @Ckni27 this thread is warming the cockles of my anxiety-ridden little chestnut burr of a heart.


Local Fancy Place sells for $16/lb+a free drip coffee any size or small barista crafted beverage, and a free bag every 12 bags. They also sell in 5lb bags for $13/lb, free 1lb every 5.

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FYI Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting does a free pound after every ten, you should see if they’ll do that remotely too. :3


We’ve found something cheap in the Bay Area, huzzah! :wink:


I’m looking for some new jewelry, specifically necklaces. I would especially like things that are small and minimal and that I can wear with a lot of things. If you know any small artists who make things like that, please let me know!


Of course it was coffee, hahahahahahahha.


Check out my link for Park Story, she has tons of jewelry makers - Love Lori Michelle, Amelia Lawrence, Jamie Park and more, they all have necklaces and earrings

ETA: you can also buy directly from the makers themselves if their pieces aren’t on the new shop for PS yet, I think they all have standalone websites.


How do you feel about 3D printed STEM jewelry?