Covid-19 discussion

Do you have caffeinated tea or other caffeinated bevs, AND is someone going to get splitting caffeine headaches without some brew?

If you have other caffeine sources, use those first, no matter what. If you don’t and there will be no splitting headaches, no one goes.

If you don’t AND someone is going to be incapacitated with headache – maybe. Maaaaaaybe.

SSO doesn’t have to get it for you to get it.


My brother lives close to you and is doing shopping runs for at risk individuals. He’ll drop on your step. Text me and I’ll put you guys in touch.


We have a running list of all the things we [are running out of/ have run out of/need to get through this longer term] on our fridge. This helps for when we do eventually grocery shop, and if someone like @Bracken_Joy’s brother offers to get stuff for us, I have a list already handy.

Pretty sure you’d be on top of something like that, but posting for others who might not already have a list going.

We’ve had the first medical staff have the virus. Not people working in COVID clinics, but staff of other medical areas… really hope they didn’t infect anyone they were working with (one maternity ward, and one aged care facility).


Major supermarkets have suspended grocery delivery and pickup.

A semi-local small food shop opens at 6am everyday. I might try to get there super duper early when we have to grocery shop.


Today was very busy and very long and so I have a fever. I usually get a fever after a long day. But today I’m stressed about it because it’s a corona symptom. How do I tell normal shit health from corona?


Are you out with a window that would be okay to ship within?

This thread has some recommended sources:


Yea, we have a running list. The coffee is concerning (we have a lot of tea as @diapasoun pointed out) but the fact that we’re like 3 days from beans running out is way more concerning.

Is there a reason having someone else get stuff for us is safer than SSO going out? Can SSO just pick it up and bring it to me? Agh. How paranoid to be?


I’m not an epidemiologist or a virologist… but my understanding is that it reduces interactions. SSO grabbing stuff off the porch and disinfecting it is one interaction. If SSO goes out, there are many more: SSO may be opening a grocery door. Touching a box and putting it down. The cashier is getting sick and accidentally coughs near him. And so on and so forth – each of those is another interaction and another chance to catch the virus.

Whereas if you have trip runners, say one person for five households, each individual runner takes on many risks but four households take on deeply reduced risk.

Although, uh, like I said I’m not an epidemiologist or a virologist. Those folks would know best.


Exactly. This is my brothers goal right now. He’s isolating other than the trips out for supplies for people. Try and reduce how much other households have to get exposed.


Yep. I’m planning to tag on supply runs for other households when I make one next – gonna email my entire bungalow court tbh. If we get $1k worth of groceries, so be it! lol.


FFS. H’s clinic might close but they’ll have to use PTO if it does. Oh and also he’s contractually obligated to go to the hospital and work for them for super long periods if they call him to. The least they could do is pay them if the clinic has to close. He volunteered to treat their highest need patients who will be seen even if the clinic closes, so that’s something but still. This whole situation sucks.


Will it be in any way protective if I wear disposable gloves while food shopping and toss them immediately after? I have a whole box of them on account of the home-dyeing-of hair-in-funny-colors.

The milk thing… I realized this means Boyfriend has nothing for breakfast tomorrow. He will only eat cereal for breakfast and he doesn’t like it dry. His limited diet/pickiness is really making this difficult; I’ll eat pretty much anything we’ve got in the house except for his meat and don’t mind getting creative or weird with meals, but he doesn’t like pretty much anything I’ve cooked or stockpiled (and, to be fair, if we’re isolated together I do not want him eating any of my bean based dishes, good LORD the stench.) I guess I have to encourage him to buy more of the stuff he does eat, next time we need to go out. He also has issues with portion control, which we’re working on.

I have come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to go on a socially distant walk in my neighborhood after work. I crossed streets approx. 2,736 times, midblock, trying to stay 6 feet away from people but one cannot do that on city sidewalks especially when people walk right out of their building as you’re passing by. I mean, it wasn’t packed, but I had to pass people sometimes and sidewalks are only, what, 3 or 4 feet wide. It seemed to be prime dog walking time.

I guess going forward I’ll try it later at night and just forego sun. Morning is no good since that is also prime dog’s gotta pee time, and I can’t typically get out during the day these days because my work deadlines haven’t let up and in fact are even worse, if that’s possible. Why? No one is going to be buying what we produce!


Honestly? Super doubtful. The droplet and respiratory seems to be the key player here, and that’s just down to proximity. If gloves will remind you not to touch your face, or you glove one and keep a strict clean hand/dirty hand approach, then it’s helpful. But if you’re still touching your phone to see your list, putting it in your purse, then answering a phone call? Lol. Doesn’t help.


Hmm, the clean hand dirty hand could work, actually. If only to make me more mindful I use paper lists but the reminder to not use my phone in the store is a good one, especially in Whole Foods which has free wifi.


Gas stations in my area have been stocked with everything including milk, eggs, and paper products that the grocery stores have been out of for a couple days. With your location there might not be one close by, though.

At the very least they’d have single serving milk.


Just in case anyone needs this. (Paging @Oro)


There is actually a gas station a few blocks away! You’re right though, there aren’t many in the city near the lake where I am. We also have this little bodega near us and those are supposed to be well stocked and less risky and crowded. $$$ tho.


Probably a wash vs the cost of delivery for groceries depending on where you buy, that gets expensive!

Unless it is allergy related he needs to get over it.


Agreed! If we run out, it’s water on cereal for us :woman_shrugging:t3: I do have a bag of powdered milk for DH though, maybe a substitute when you do go out as the packs last ages?