Covid-19 discussion

We went to the store Sunday but eggs were entirely out of stock and we realized we forgot a few nonessentials that would be nice to have. Our next door neighbors let us know they were going to the store and were able to get what we needed. It looks like we’re going to trade off going to the store and spread it out as far as possible, so we might get groceries every other week but only go to the store ourselves once a month.

We haven’t tried getting anything delivered but it sounds like services are swamped here too.


I wonder how much the decision to close schools will disproportionately affect lower income seniors because the families least able to work from home or work at jobs which close during these times will be the ones most reliant on older family members for childcare.


For now, my brother and his girlfriend have not had their hours cut even though their workplace has gone to drive-thru only. I suspect that they may see a slight increase in sales being one of five places open in town compared to one of twenty before.

Dad’s low income friends who live out in the rural areas have all lost their major income sources.

Sister 1 is still working for now, but we both suspect she’ll have to apply for unemployment soon, she works out of a chiropractic clinic as a head receptionist.

I need to check in with Sister 2, she works as a manager at a retail store that sells groceries, home goods and clothing. Her partner works for an airline.

Setting up video chat dates with friends now that I’ll have capable internet, need to set up the same with siblings.

Canceled brunch with my retired great aunt this weekend.

Still planning on surgery as scheduled.

Called yesterday to cancel therapy appt, they graciously offered over the phone instead, which I accepted.


I just need you to know that I love this so much. :heart_eyes:

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As far as I can tell, every single yoga studio in Portland has shut down and is now live-streaming.

I know so many people that are now unemployed overnight. Many are having to lay people off. This just sucks


Would anyone be interested in a thread to share links to small businesses where we can buy things we might need so that we can support them instead of big grocery stores and the like? I’m thinking places like coffee roasters that have online ordering and delivery, places we can pay for a live stream workout, bath products (I def need some lotion for my eczema with all this hand washing), etc? I’ll start it if people are interested

ETA: DONE! Share Your Favorite Small Businesses!


Yes. I have two amazing bookstores to recommend, including for ebooks.


My dad’s a software engineer and was just hired on for a six month contract in Portland. He was telling me this morning how much of a ghost town it is, and how surreal it feels to be a new hire when everyone he knows is losing their income sources.


Yes please! Realizing that due to wfh I am going to be out of coffee soon.

I have donated to 4 different relief orgs in the last few days. So many artists and service industry folks hurting. Going to prepay my hairstylist for the appointment I am cancelling. Semi-famous friends in a band had their tour cut short so I am probably gonna replace their band’s t-shirt that fell apart.

I ordered more cat food from chewy even though we have 2-3 weeks worth. Boyfriend thought I was insane. But the order is backed up for up to 8 days due to demand. Not because of low stock but lack of people to fill so many orders. So I guess I wasn’t all that insane! Food wasn’t out of stock at least. Kitty litter is but we have a huge bin of that still.


My quaranTEEN.

(Everything is fine. He had a non-postpone-able appointment)


Unions in Italy are demanding the closure of post offices after the deaths of 2 postal workers who were on their job until a few days ago.

If package services are stopped globally or in the US, expect even more of a total economy shutdown.

Source is in Italian, so use Google Translate unless you speak Italian.


Went into work today to retrieve more supplies from my office and set my voicemail to “email me, do not expect a call back, call HQ if needed.”

They’re barricading key entry points.

I may have to go in on Friday or Saturday to retrieve my office plants.

Sent an email to my gyno/surgeon today inquiring about the likelihood of rescheduling my surgery. My mom’s was just postponed for at least six weeks (removal of benign tumors along her spinal column).


Community spread was just officially announced for my county/city.


We’re so deep in it in my state that I forgot other places don’t have community spread yet. Since we’re close to Seattle, we’ve had cases for 2-3 weeks or so.


I think I can kiss my surgery date goodbye most likely. :frowning: Because I’m doing it outside of insurance it is considered cosmetic/elective.


We’ve had cases here, but it hasn’t been community spread. Now it is. I’m sorry the west cost has been suffering longer.


Right now the public health impacts still feel relatively small in my life, but the economic impacts have gotten extremely real. Our unemployment website went down yesterday from the load.


The day I saw there was a confirmed case in my county I assumed community spread. I wanted to say it was “early on” but JFC that was six days ago. Anyway, that was when testing access was even worse than it is now so the fact that someone was bad enough to need testing is a different category from people who are positive and just not being tested.

I’m sorry about your surgery date. :frowning_face:


Read as “Unicorns in Italy”


Ours in Washington as well.

I think I can kiss this political non-profit job goodbye.