Recipes and food ideas

I have a surplus of beyond-
One cooked beyond burger, cooked Saturday
One package raw beyond beef thawed Sunday

I’d like to curry the big package which is easy because it’s raw. Hopefully it can wait till tomorrow. The cooked patty is an issue. What can I throw it in?

Would it pick up enough flavour in tacos? Is there an option beyond (hee) pasta sauce? Do I have to just eat it as a burger?

I only eat beyond burgers as burgers out usually, because they are often my only option. I’m not even sure of technique here, but the thing was like $4


you could taco it, or you could do a meaty shakshukka with stewed tomato and peppers? or a chili stew?


Making picadillo (Mexican) tonight!! I’m excited to see if Ravioli likes it. He has liked similar things in the past.


Just noticed Isabel Eats (whose recipes I find delicious, authentic, and EASY) has a cooking challenge each month! I think we’re gonna enter. Possible $100 Amazon Gift Card and no social media aspect? Sign me up lol


I planned out a bunch of meals so I figured I’d share. I’m only responsible for four nights a week and they’re in rows, so the roast chicken in the first row gives leftover chicken to the wraps and fried rice.

Dinner 1 Dinner 2 Dinner 3 Dinner 4
Whole roast chicken, vegetables Chicken wraps, spinach, pear, cheese Fried rice Beef & broccoli
Pulled pork + fries Chicken florentine pasta Pancakes Cold miso noodles
Chicken and dumplings Pizza Vegetable strata Eggroll in a bowl
Burgers Mushroom pasta with peas Arroz con pollo Pork satay with thai green beans
Sheet Pan balsamic chicken, veg, rice side Risotto primavera (with any leftover balsamic chicken) Tacos Stir Fry
Beef stroganoff Lasagna + salad Lasagna again Asian chicken wraps
Moroccan roast chicken Pitas, chicken, peppers, feta, chickpeas Shepherds pie Sausage/egg breakfast sandwiches
Ropa vieja Quesadillas (leftover ropa vieja) Veg. baked ziti Rosemary parm waffles with tomato/pesto eggs
Chicken pot pie Pineapple fried rice French bread pizza Santa fe tortellini
OJ chicken and potatoes Red beans and rice, smoked sausage Breakfast burritos with smoked sausage Spaghetti and meatballs and salad
Pineapple teriyaki chicken Philly cheesesteak sandwiches Chili (chili dogs) Mini calzones

finishing off the last bit of split chickpeas in bean stock by blitzing it into a butter chicken tomato sauce, and I’ll simmer some paneer in it for dinner tonight (no actual chicken used). Perhaps put it on top of sweet potato home fries.


I tacoed the burger. It was better than not tacoed, but still very burger. If this happens again I will go the chili or spaghetti sauce route.

The beyond curry was delicious and sustained me for at least 4 meals


a good learning

the blitzed chana butter chicken sauce with paneer was good with fattoush chips from Farm Boy because we got home later than ideal for sweet potato. To be honest, I can’t imagine anything not being good with those chips, and it’s probably a bad idea that we discovered them.


I microwaved my sweet potato (and threw out the other, rotting one) and made up a quick bread. It seemed like it was never going to be cooked otherwise. Chips are always a good carb


I got a mystery bag with

  • fresh tonnarelli (an egg pasta slightly thicker than spaghetti, and squared, not circular)
  • baby red potatoes
  • fine herb dressing (dill, chives, egg, oil, lemon juice, salt, green tabasco)

For the baby red potatoes I think I’ll roast them up with some bell pepper, mix it with some feta, have with an egg, mint dressing.

I guess for the herb dressing it could go over green salad, or blistered green beans with soft boiled eggs - any other ideas? (I guess I could use it with the potatoes instead)

For the pasta, we eat it so rarely, any recos?