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Fresh fruit – sliced, or easy-grab (apple, banana, orange, plum, apricot, etc), or berries in baggies.

Are the burritos being made to order?


The burritos will be made in bulk with the option to make a special one if needed. We don’t have the ability to do all MTO with the time required to serve them. Toppings like sour cream, green chili will be self serve.

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Ok, phew, I was thinking “that is gonna be hard if it’s being made on the line…”

Burritos and fruit seems like a nice option to me! For a sweet-sweet option, I think I would go for a pre-prepped donut or muffin; it gives you more breathing room in case anything goes wrong with a batch of eggs, etc.


Awesome!! Thank you so much for validating the idea with me. I think it will be much easier to buy the baked goods instead of making them on top of everything else.

I like the berries in a bag idea, so they can grab and go or save for later.


I’ll just point out that both of your meat options for burritos are pork. Unless you were thinking of turkey sausage?


I was thinking that too. I’ll go turkey sausage so there is an option other than “no meat” and make sure the green chili is vegetarian. Thanks for confirming I should consider kosher/halal preferences too.