Recipes and food ideas

I am sure there is a better thread, but I couldn’t find it, so I made my own.

As many of us are trying to limit the number of visits to the grocery store, we end up with food that we’re stuck on how to use before it goes off, or we’re bored of our standard.

I have a brick of cream cheese to use up this week and a partner who is trying to be careful about carb levels.


Oh hell yes! I’m here for this :slight_smile: I love weird pantry meals.

@plainjane do you have peppers? I like to halve small peppers and fill them with a combo of cream cheese and cheddar, top with breadcrumbs and bake. Ooo, or you could make a cheesy dip to go with some veggies, maybe an artichoke spinach kind of thing or something with chipotle peppers? A big dollop of cream cheese is really good in mashed potatoes too, oh or in beef chili to make it extra cheesy and creamy, toss that on a baked tater, hot damn!


There’s always cheesecake!


Yes, cream cheese for stuffing veggies!

I personally love cream cheese on a stoned wheat thin with mango pineapple salsa on top - this was a shelf stable staple back in ye olde daye.


Three ingredient pot of Mac n cheese that is NOT helpful to plainjane AT ALL.


  • 4-6 oz cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1 10 1/2 oz can Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup (or any other brand, but I swear they’re not as good)
  • 1 lb noodles (elbow macaroni is fine, I prefer cavatappi or penne)


  • Boil water
  • Cook noodles until desired doneness
  • Drain noodles
  • Mix in cheese
  • Mix in soup

ETA: This is my mother’s family’s poor kid recipe


We got a free gallon of milk and 2 pounds of cheddar cheese. Potatoes and broccoli already exist. I googled and found a cheddar broccoli potato soup.

Anyone have suggestions for other ways to use up milk?


I recently bought a box of triscuits to use up some cream cheese. Then I had triscuits but no cream cheese, so I bought more (herb flavored this time). Now I’m nearly out of Triscuits but still have the cream cheese. Didn’t go fancy enough to add the salsa, but maybe I will now.


Ha, this has never been an issue I’ve faced. On my last trip to the grocery I bought three gallons. I live alone. It might last me 10 days. So my only suggestion is: drink it.


Pancakes or other baking? Lattes?

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Rice pudding or custard or mac and cheese or anything requiring cheese sauce (bechamel+cheese)…or just smother food in a becahmel


Ummm eating chunks of it when the other isn’t looking?

But I agree that dips or stuffed veggies are fancier.


You can make paneer or yogurt if those are of interest.

Any custard/pudding – rice pudding, bread pudding, tapioca pudding, just plain pudding (I have a great coffee caramel pudding recipe, if you’d like?).

Anything that requires cheese sauce or a bechamel. Mac and cheese is definitely on-target.


good points. We have one large bell pepper and a half bell pepper.

We have several zucchini, several sweet potatoes, an avocado, and several yellow onions. We have frozen corn, frozen brussels sprouts, haricots vert, spinach, and probably broccoli. We have frozen roasted tomato halves and roasted red peppers.

We have chicken, eggs, meatballs with Italian seasoning, bacon, a beef rib roast, yogurt, cashew milk, rice, green lentils. Some cheddar. Lots of walnuts.

And a brick of cream cheese :slight_smile:


I read that with the tune of “Partridge in a pear tree” playing in my head. :grinning:


Ooo, lot of veggies. I’d do a cheesy vegetable casserole @plainjane


I have a pancake craving but no syrup. I have lots of sugar and honey, is there any way I can make an acceptable maple syrup substitute?


Make a simple syrup – do you have ginger? Ginger syrup is delicious on pancakes.


Pudding Chia or regular)?

We go through milk quickly, so leftover milk is not a problem.

You can freeze it in smaller portions, space permitting.


Do you have any jelly or jam? Nutella?

I have jelly!