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Sort of along the same lines…

For years, I’ve planned to do 2 parties: Cinco de Mayo. I know what I’d serve for that. The other is a bread/soup party.

I have some favorites… I do a good corn/cheese chowder, a potato soup and cream of onion soups. Problem is they’re all veggie based and creamy, our preference.

What kind of breads would you serve? Soups? I’m thinking 5 kinds of each…



Breads = sourdough, molasses brown bread, baking powder biscuits, cornbread, white pan rolls.

Soups = black bean soup, chicken noodle soup, salmon or other seafood chowder, Italian meatball soup, and a cream of asparagus or broccoli soup. I also like carrot/thyme soup. It’s a puréed soup.


Veggie split pea
French onion mmmm
If you do stews I would do a veggie chili and scouse
Ital corn soup

I would do 5 flavoura of chips to represent my soul instead of bread:
Reduced salt ruffles
Flaming hot cheesies
Sour cream and onion
Caramel corn

Not all chips? Neither is my souk


First bagel making attempt.


They look great! How do they taste?

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They are good! The seasoning has too much salt for my preference, so next time I will lighten up on it.

But I’m quite pleased for my first attempt.


That’s great! :slight_smile: BAGELS!!!


Those look incredible! Nice job!

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Do you have a recipe for this? It sounds amazing! I love pureed soups with a good crusty bread.

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Here it is…

It’s an old recipe from the early 1980’s. I found it in “Gourmet” magazine.




Savory vegetarian pumpkin recipes that are not chili?
Pumpkin chili is delicious but my freezer is full of various chilis already.

curry? pizza (very good with goat cheese/feta if you are so inclined)? pasta sauce (chunky or puree)? salad (lettuce or couscous) with pomegranate seeds or walnuts?

cornbread? (I haven’t done this one, but it sprang to mind)


Mac n cheese! Makes for a nice sauce add in. I googled and there are tons of recipes!

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Pumpkin sage risotto

I also have a pumpkin bisque soup I made recently, I’ll try to remember to find the recipe tomorrow on a real computer.

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Hm, curry could be tasty. Or pasta sauce. Should mention I’m looking for stuff that freezes well. Either of those probably would.

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I used to do a lot of pasta sauce with about 50% pumpkin puree: tomato ratio. Up the spices a bit, but it’s good and hearty.


Pumpkin bisque recipe from a friend:

"2 pie pumpkins or two cans of canned pumpkin
2 potatoes
1 leek (optional)
4 carrots
4 celery stalks
1 box of chicken stock
Fill the rest with water
This time I’ve added a bit of hot curry, Ginger, and tumeric.

Cook till all the vegetables are soft, puree."

I also came across this alfredo sauce recipe link but I don’t think I’ve tried it yet. Not sure how the alfredo would freeze though.


Pumpkin sausage soup would totally work with vegetarian sausages too I bet.

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I came in here to brainstorm ideas for roasted butternut squash (roughly 10 cups chopped), and then I realized people had just finished giving ideas for pumpkin, which is basically the same thing.

I’m thinking

  • allspice-cardamon butternut squash raisin muffins
  • butternut squash gnocchi
  • red coconut curry butternut squash and red lentil soup
  • baharat spiced creamy (ras eh hanout?) butternut squash and roasted bell pepper soup
  • baked ricotta/butternut squash/kale stuffed pasta thing (highly unlikely given effort/reward)

The second soup is a bit risky because I don’t know if the shadowy one will like the seasoning, but also I have a lot of peppers right now. And I can’t decide if I’m willing to put in the effort to make the gnocchi since again, it isn’t really something the shadowy one cares about.

And for lunch I have some leftover orzo and feta from tonight’s dinner, so I’ll probably have a bowl with the butternut squash, some tahini dressing, maybe bell pepper, some walnuts.