Queer baby-making


Do you want a green smoothie pre-babymaking health kick buddy? Because I really need to start doing that as well.


I will say, the food aversions can kick in damn early, even if you’re not to nausea yet. So at the very least upping the veggie (folate esp) intake in the interim is probably a solid plan =) Since first tri you really can’t guarantee what you’ll be able to get into yourself/keep down.


What I really wanted today was a buddy to help me eat popcorn and pout. But I didn’t want to drag you down. I will have a virtuous spinach banana chocolate smoothie for dinner. What will you have?

@Bracken_Joy I’m on month three or four of prenatal and generally eat all the good food And the bad food. But trying to phase out the junk.


I totally had popcorn today… salad for dinner, though!


If you’re having the good stuff, that’s the biggest part :slight_smile: Anything else is a bonus. You’re awesome.


I just joined a free sperm website. Immediately, before my profile was complete, 3 dudes varying from a 4hour bus ride to 12 hour flights messaged me offering their natural insemination services. Aka kindly willing to bang someone they haven’t seen or talked to without a condom.


I think I’m going to message the girl couples in my area who’ve used the site and see what their journey was like.


That sounds like a “Thank you for letting me eliminate you as an artificial possibility as well, because good judgment is partially heritable.” :grin:


As is syphilis (untreated).


It sounds suspiciously like that.

But, at a day in I’ve also exchanged messages with two nice seeming local people who seem to actually understand logical reasoning and kindness better. I’m still far more uncomfortable doing this with an internet stranger vs preferred donor. But preferred donor is doing some reflection about his willingness to risk passing down a few conditions. And tbh any donor doesn’t need any reason to be hesitant… I see donation as one of those situations where we need to be on the same enthusiastic consent including understanding and consenting to the eleventy bajillion risks with the situation.

After waiting so so so long, this is all happening So Fast. And then I went and had two days of seizures triggering all my self pitying thoughts about not being fit to be a mother. Still gonna try though!

@rural… Who doesn’t want syphilis really?

Actually I spent a long time discussing this with the sexual health nurse yesterday. Because of course I will have donor (s) provide recent health checks, but there is always a risk that something gets contracted between test and donation. Basically our best bet is to test me every few cycles during the whole process.

Imagine a world where people just get free no disease sex babies with no planning and a baseline assumption that there are no legal risks


This is actually a thing that could happen. I could go for coffee with a person. Get free sperm. Apply sperm. Wait. Have a baby and then be one of those irresponsible single moms you hear about.

Or do all that and not have a baby. But can it actually be this easy? Like look at a calendar, get some goop, get pregnant?

I’m also really curious about how I can give back. Like I doubt that I can be an egg or uterus donor. But maybe there’s other work that I can do. Lots of time to ponder.


I went for coffee. Follow up in just under four weeks, ovulation strip and softcups ordered online. Did not order special seedy lube so I’m now questioning that decision. It is also available at the pharmacy, for twice the price. Also, amazon’s minimum order for free delivery is only 35 now, so I don’t have a tortilla press. Syringes are cheaper at the pharmacy. And I should check my blood type.

I swear to toasters 16 year old me should have just ignored sex Ed and experimented.


The pharmacy will give you free syringes if you say they’re to give your baby medicine with.


TMI potentially. But the fancy lubes aren’t any more effective than natural lubrication. They’re just useful if you’re not producing enough on your own. But if you can just masturbate and produce your own lubrication, there’s no benefit to the purchased stuff. They’re just not anti-fertile like normal lubes, rather than pro-fertile, if that makes sense.


Also tmi. The preferred choice for me is ai since it’s a stranger. But I’m not sure about my timing and skills to self arouse and self lubricate and then self O minutes after a near stranger self O’s and hands me cum. Especially if I over hear the process. And I’m just lurking on fertility boards, so I can see how lesbian couples are solving this… But haven’t spotted how the single ladies are multi-tasking on all of these things. Which are obviously harder the more you stress out.

Sorry internet.


Ah fair! Tricky indeed.


Using my official ranking system
texting a loved one or person you like boning 2/10 awkward 10/10 awesome
Texting a sperm donor 10/10 awkward

Coffee with Date 10/10
Coffee with a donor 8/10(for potential future joy)


WAIT the pre-seed lubes don’t do anything?! You mean I’ve been freaking the cleaner out with the giant bottle on my nightstand for months for no reason?! I frigging hate lube at the best of times.


Also I appreciate I should have tidied my nightstand several months ago.


If you don’t need lube, then yep, they’re not doing anything. However if you do need lube, then they’re the better choice vs other types.


The cleaner is shaking her head wondering why such a lovely young lady needs lube. She’ll eventually leave you a bottle of the once a week dry vag stuff. I have conception stuff all over the apartment. And now I’m wondering if I need the whole box of softcups for a baby, or if I can bleed into one or two this week