Queer baby-making


I haaaaate softcups so much. They’re my least favourite part of the whole process.


I used to use them for periods in university. I guess that I should throw one inside myself and see how I feel/if I remember how to use one?

I hate periods


I panic that it’s going to get stuck there forever and I’ll spend my life looking like I had sex with a Dalek that went horribly wrong.

I…appreciate that this is a very specific fear.


Maybe that’s why my parents were arguing about “science babies” when I came out to them? Some kind of Dalek related fear?


That is exactly what it will be, yes.

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This made my day. Thank you.

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Huh. I didn’t use softcups at all, just didn’t get up for a long time afterward. But I realize that I had almost infinite flexibility to try again the next month and it didn’t cost me anything. So I guess it’s probably better to use them even if you hate them.

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Current plan - no softcups the first time. Maybe the second. Also get my entire life figured out in 24 hours.

At least I don’t have to watch YouTube videos about cryogenics and thawing this round


Obviously after deep contemplation I chose not to go with illegal known donor sperm. I’m a law follower and would not make that kind of illegal and reckless reproductive decision.

Overall, almost doing it taught me a lot. If someone were doing this somewhere legal, I would support that choice. Because I found it very easy to weed out the decent humans from the sketchy, and exchanging sti reports gives you good information (both the safety-as much as you can get, and their contact info in case something goes south).

Going through the preliminary stages and meeting people doing this makes me wish I’d looked into it sooner, because then I could donate or be a surrogate. As it stands, I’ll age out of those options–a huge problem when people are delaying having families.