OOTD: Share Your Looks!

I’m gonna need this dress. Yoink


They are currently on hiatus after closing their brick and mortar shop.

Almost all my dresses are from them.


Todays outfit. I think the sweater makes it look sloppier than without, but I was cooks :woman_shrugging: I got these pants shopping with @Bernadette and it’s my first time wearing them! They are super comfortable.


Love these colors—good late summer early fall palette! Re: the sweater, do you think you prefer more tailored pieces vs more casual shapes/lines?


I think so. Like, the whole purpose of tucking in the shirt is to define the waist, but then when I throw a long cardigan over top it just turns me into a blob anyway? For some reason a long sweater doesn’t seem as professional as a blazer, so that perception is probably bleeding over too. Overall I thought I looked nice and I was comfortable even if I didn’t look super put together.


I think the tuck in still gives you the horizontal lines that move closer to the 1:2 ratio instead of 1:1, even if it doesn’t define your waist any more.


FWIW I think you looked great!! My question was due to thinking back over outfits you seemed more excited about and I think they tended to be more traditional office silhouettes, so tailored jackets, tighter knits. BUT you’re very good at prints and more modern color schemes than traditional grey/navy/black workwear. Just something I’ve noticed!!


This is me. I am a jacket/blazer lady and def not a cozy sweater lady. I think because my frame is small I just look like laundry if I wear a big sweater? It’s like, “hey that little kid got into mom’s sweaters!” :laughing: not like “oh what a cool effortless boho look” which is how I always think it will look but never does. Blazers and jackets alllll the way though.


I think this is similar to why I gravitate to the structures items too.

Today I’m wearing a sweater and it has some draping to it, but it still feels structured because of the way it’s cut. I’ve never found a sweater that I like as much as this one from stitch fix. It is extremely soft and it doesn’t look like I’m wearing a big bag. I have it in 2 colors! It’s thin enough that I think I could wear a blazer over top too.


Oh yes, this is much more body-skimming. The drape doesn’t make me think “slouchy” at all. You’re just not boho-chic, and that is OK :sunglasses:


I’d totally wear a sweater like that! You could def wear a jacket with it.


I am also a “drapey, skimming” jumpers person. This looks great!

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That is such a good sweater! Maybe a sweater blazer would work for you. They keep the openness and coziness of the other sweater, but have more structure and look more put together.