OOTD: Share Your Looks!

Hello everyone! This is a thread for sharing your Outfit Of The Day, or night, or moment,…up to you :slight_smile: Hair/makeup/costumes/whatever else you do to feel like a boss are welcome too!

And remember, if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?



I LOVE this. <3

@AllHat are you going to a gala…? You are so fancy! I admire this.

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You look awesome!

No I’m just extra :wink: haha literally just went to the pharmacy and a cafe.


I love the color of that dress @AllHat

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<3 Thank you! eShakti FYI

Umm, this is definitely from my surrealist self portrait project, but it is in fact my outfit of the day today!


I love those stockings!!!

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I would say they are passable for $8 amazon tights. Mainly they are the only cleans ones left, so I wore them.

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Dreamy cat dress of dreaminess! Kawaii!

I’m very bad at taking pictures of myself. There is no large mirror in my house.
How do?

Selfie? Or phone timer? Those were my go to’s before I got my big mirror

Edit to clarify: by selfie I mean sometimes how you can hold the camera in a “traditional” selfie (is this a thing?) and usually get at least the middle 3rd of your body to show most of an outfit. Used to do this for social media posts for the clothing line when I was the dress form :sweat_smile:

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About to go on a walk with Bobbin in my favorite jacket. Had to blow out the lighting a bit since my bedroom is blackout heaven - great for sleeping, bad for OOTD mirror selfies. Also I give up on cleaning my mirror because it’s always like this.


LOVE the drape on that jacket!

Thank you! It’s my design and you can wear it approximately a million ways and I seek to try them all. Favorite so far is wrapped around a sleeping Bobbin.


I :heart: the cat fabric.

Please show some more shots of different ways to wear it!

Ahhh so pretty!

As long as the clothes you’re wearing make you happy, you should wear them regardless of whether you’re going anywhere special!