Objects of Desire

Me too! I am told NAADAM is a good source and they announce sales with some regularity.


I have so many cashmere sweaters from the thrift store that I wear them camping.


Oh yeah I have some great oversized ones from the thrift store, too!


same! camping cashmere is the Ultimate in luxury: super comfortable, super warm! It’s a good retirement for any sweaters I have that get too many holes


This water bottle is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever thought that about a water bottle before. Not even expensive! But I’d probably break it quickly.


It is very pretty!

But I’ve discovered water bottles that actually keep the water cold and I can never go back…



I should be hunting for more Fall/Winter pieces, but I’m stuck on these:

It’s so hot and humid here that tencel would probably steam itself, but it would also be SO good in the long summer here.

Neither of these shirts are in a perfect color for my wardrobe, but the salmon linen and the navy tencel are juuuuuust close enough that I could talk myself into one of these expensive shirts given time.

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I kinda want this for WFH days :joy::joy:

(No I’m not actually going to buy it it’s $140!)


I had to go read the reviews for this. I mean I guess it’s like a…chic Snuggie??? But it seems fake.

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People are OBSESSED with Kyte sleep sacks. I honestly think the company started making them at the request of the adults. :joy:


We have like… 6 kyte sleep sacks (in various TOGs). I’m kinda obsessed too. But my nearly 3 year old is still in them so worth it for me!


I’m not saying it’s not deserved! I only know of one person (someone in a moms group) who didn’t like their Kyte stuff they bought. I just think it’s funny the like, massive fan groups and stuff- I legit think they got pressured into adult stuff. Every Kyte ad I would see on FB when Latte was little was the parents being like “I own 8 for my kid when can I have one for me?!”


Hot pink high waisted swim bottoms. Yeah I’m already feeling sad about winter approaching, why do you ask


Someone tell me what to do.

I really want this paint bundle: https://novacolorpaint.com/pages/suzanne-allard
I’ve been taking her classes all year, and love her color style.

This is really good, professional quality paint.
My Mom gave me money for Christmas (‘you can’t open it until then though’) now because of black Friday sales, with buying this paint in mind.

But now that it’s MY money, rather than HER money (if she bought it and shipped it to me); I am very very stressed about buying the paint. I have TONS of paint. I use it, but still, TONS. I could just wrap up some of my paint and pretend it is this paint and use the $200 elsewhere.

The paint is 15% off for “black friday” right now; the only time it goes on sale. That basically offsets the shipping cost. But the cost of this paint is about equivalent to the sale price of professional brands at Michaels.

What do I do?


Do you already have professional brand paint in these colours? Sure, you have the money, but your mum gave it to you to buy this for yourself because its something you are really enjoying, just for yourself. Would having these paints make it easier to continue following her classes and such?

I do not have professional grade paints, only student grades (which is higher than ‘craft’ grade). I have sufficient supplies for the class. But these paints will apply better, and will mix better, and the color palate is great. I don’t know why I can’t just buy it. I mean, I WANT it. There is money. What the heck is the problem? Although if I took a photo of my paint storage would you change your recommendation? LOL


Nope, wouldn’t change. I’ve gone from cheapass paint & paper 6 months ago to “student grade” now and the difference is stark (watercolours, not acrylics) and I am super excited for when I get some professional grade paints. Moving up a quality grade isnt the same as having a cupboard full of paints that aren’t all quite the same! You can move along some of the lower quality stuff you no longer need at some point in the next few months.


Well you convinced me to buy it, and now the website isn’t working

Edit: I bought it. I’m stressed about it though.