Objects of Desire


So what are the objects of your desire at the moment? Physical or intangible.

This is a sort of replica of a thread on the MMM Forums “What’s the stupidest thing you’re lusting after right now?” which in true MMM fashion quickly devolved in to face punches for everyone. Even the title leads to negativity.

So, what shiny, pretty, little or big something has caught your eye?

We’re all hard working people around here and not everything can be about saving those dollerydoos.

Edit: (Just quietly - I’ve very very happy with how that gif tied this post together)


I’ll start. I have very strong desire for this espresso machine:

It is so shiny. And boxy. And has switches, lights AND a gauge. I’m saving up my birthday money and maybe will get it once other house expenses calm down.


I Looooove this thread idea.

Objects of desire:

  • a membership at StretchLab to get professionally stretched every week
  • an Osmo Pocket camera so I stop stealing @aaronpk’s
  • a double lutz (oh wait I can’t buy that can I)

I have so many. A new espresso machine is one since ours is so temperamental.

Currently consuming my desires:

  • My claw foot cast iron bathtub but professionally restored
  • 100% linen bed sheets
  • a Miele dishwasher

OMG - I love that there is a ‘local’ guy who’s entire business is restoring clawfoot bath tubs. Even better his name is Ron. I want to buy a clawfoot bath tub now just to have it restored. Shame it won’t fit in my bathroom.


Yes! Coming across this guy just made me want to do it even more. His customers seem to love him. It isn’t cheap though. Probably $1500-$2000… to repair a bathtub :upside_down_face:

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Restore is a much nicer word than repair. I support your plan. You’re in the some boat as us at the moment though - so many plans that cost $$$ and would be amazing to do immediately. We paid $3600 to have the remaining 3 large windows, 1 small and a front screen door added in crim safe (entire house is now crim safe). Really hit the bottom line for that month.


I desire a cast iron combo cooker, because I desire to make Tartine-style bread. But I don’t want to (possibly) move cast iron cookware in (potentially) a year’s time. What to do?


I want a new fitness tracker and I also want new plants to grow in my garden. I always kill just about everything I try to grow so it would probably be a waste of money


I’ve been stalking this handbag for weeks and the price just dropped.


One of my roomates irritates me just by existing. They’re perfectly pleasant, reasonably neat, totally quiet… and their presence in the house annoys me. Their rent money doesn’t, though, I don’t want a new object, I want the absence of a person.



It’s an investment in your health…TREAT YO SELF!

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haha ok. But now I need to decide which one to get. I am thinking either a fitbit or a garmin but I dont know if I want one that looks good or has more features

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Garmin every day of the week. I had early fitbit models and they were low quality and constantly falling apart. Credit to fitbit - they had amazing replacement policies but still…
I rock a Garmin Forerunner 935 and love it - even though it is now obsolete since the 945 dropped last month (note to self - object of desire). That is a lot of watch though if you’re not doing the running/swimming/etc.
I really like the Garmin Vivoactive 3 as an all round GPS tracking watch with activity/step tracking - and music, touch pay etc etc. Plus it looks like a normal watch.
https://www.dcrainmaker.com/ - everything you ever needed to know about every tracker ever.


Chocolate, a climbing gym walking distance from my home, and sex toys.


A landscaper. They aren’t technically a thing, more a service, but it’s so hard to pick one when I know it will be expensive but also, I know it will be really good to have a professional help plan our outdoor renovations and garden…

Can someone give me one with good green/environmental credentials that knows wtf they’re talking about without me having to do any research, kthxbai?

I also want someone to put curtains on all my windows. It took us 12 months to get around to doing 2, but I don’t want to pay $1k/window for a stupid curtain.

ETA: also a super cool nature play area with slide and cubby in my backyard. Would love one of those.

I have many expensive desires right now.

  • A new fence
  • More functional kitchen cabinets and countertops that aren’t literally falling apartment
  • Just an enormous bathtub
  • A puppy.

:yum: I did it. I just knew that price would drop!


I like the vivomove becuase it looks nice but it doesnt have the GPS function. Though the Vivoactive looks pretty good as well