New Year’s Resolutions because 2023 is going to be our year!

Alright, as mentioned in the memeing our way through the apocalypse thread, here is a place to share New Year’s Resolutions. Because why not? 2022 was pretty awesome and went exactly to plan and nothing went wrong, so I can only expect 2023 to be bigger and better!

So, get out your navels and start gazing. Reflection, introspection and maybe a bit of dissection.

I’ll start:
It’s become apparent that I do not use my mornings very well. A smile child wakes up at 5:30am and I tend to begrudgingly stare at it while drinking coffee until it’s time to get ready for work/daycare/life.

Workout why my lower back/right hamstring are still causing me pain after running. And maybe even do the physio exercises that I know will fix it.

Eat fruit. The boy eats 5 apples a day I could probably stretch to one.

I think I’d be happier if I could appreciate the wonderful opportunity being woken up at 5am really is?

Oh and I will get those abs this year. 21st year running for this resolution. Maybe this year is the one.

And if you’re feeling a sense of déjà vu…you’re right.


Yeah but I’m still perfect, so…

I want to minimize spending without compromising life enjoyment.
Maybe leave my house more? Idk. Outside is bad.

I’ll adopt five more dogs.

(No I won’t)


I think buy and use one if those hair dryer brush things. Maybe hair product? Be all shiny and swishy and put together.

Get a smaller wallet

Do a budget

Break up with Coke?


That is taking things too far.


Could be some amazing making up


I want to continue working on my channel and producing content I believe in once a week.

I want to maintain the friendships I have. I feel like 2022 was the best I’ve ever done with close relationship things. It doesn’t come naturally for me to reach out and stay in touch, but I did!

I want to meet more people. It would be great to make a couple more friends in the area, especially if they’re into some things I’m into, so we can do that stuff together.

I want to keep volunteering because I love it. I’m hoping to double the frequency but if I have to cut back again it will be unavoidable and not a failure.

I’d like to keep having productive days like I have been the last couple of months.

I want to keep going to therapy and being open there.

I want to go to Paris.

I want to do lots of camping over the summer.

I have one other private personal goal but I’m not sure if it’s right yet.


I want to spend less time on the phone with health insurance and copay assistance, resulting in less time crying on the floor.


For real though, get a decent job paying me >$60,000 a year or transform my current job into that job.


Finish watching the good place

Continue aiming for one scheduled in-person social thing per week

Make sure I’m working through the pantry rotation, especially of things earmarked for special occasions

Restart the recording of daily excursions

Work on internal crap


Do enough that I do bingo again in 2023.

Find a job or another source of income which is enough to make a difference, $100/month or more, reliably. The antique store is erratic, sometimes I do that, mostly I don’t.

Finish selling or donating or dumping the excess stuff so I can close the antique booth,if it isnt the income source.


Given what my bingo looks like this year, actually complete a couple house projects next year. There are a wide selection to choose from, and I really need the list to get shorter instead of longer for once. Also going to target walking an average of 10mi a week (I might be doing this now since I have a treadmill under my desk at home and walk during meetings, but I haven’t tracked at all and am curious).

  • stay in therapy
  • stick with the new major
  • stay in therapy

Hmm. I thought about resolving to be even witchier than last year but I’m not really sure I can top 2022. I was pretty damn witchy.

I know I want to do more in-person things with friends and with trees.

I also want to bake more things. Specifically, I really need to learn to make baguettes.

Maybe I can cause my house to be more organized and cleaner? Maybe I can pay someone else to do those things?


I want to move closer to family. This is in the works and if the planets align should happen.

Finish up my hours to become a full fledged master Gardener. Why no I didn’t finish them this year and thanks to COVID I can finish them next year.

Plant a better garden or start back on a hydroponic garden again.

If we move to somewhere out of town I want chickens.


*Get a job in EI/ECSE
*declutter shit
*improve my physical health
*get a therapist
*spend less



I’m going to learn to braid my own hair. 32 seems like a good year for that.


Learn to mend and sew!


Compost more, consume less.


Well there’s 36 hours left in 2022 and I had another good cry about being fucked by health insurance* but instead of on the floor, it was dramatically walking in the rain after coming out the pharmacy.

*why are they allowed to require me to get a 14 day supply of a drug when my doctor prescribed 90 days? And the copay for the 14 day supply is $38 but it’s only $30 for the 90 day supply? So I just paid double what I should’ve been required to pay, because insurance would only approve 14 days of a super safe drug that only costs $.04 a pill to produce?