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You must have read this Soap


That was an interesting read. Thank you for the link!

I had a vague recollection that it was a “naughty” show from when I was young. Ironic, then, that I always saw the reruns at my grandmother’s house.

My wife and I are currently in the process of watching the whole series from start to finish on Youtube. We both love the show.

In curiosity, I had looked at the Wikipedia page for Soap, which is where I heard it was the most controversial network show of all time.

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I’m a full-fledged member now, and now I can see the edit button. Typos beware!

Thanks for the explanation (again)!

EDIT: Just because I can now.


Greetings everyone!

I feel like I’m pretty smart, but I’m not good with money, so just trying hard to learn more about how to make it, and then how to keep it, invest it, etc etc.

At the moment I’m actually searching for a tool where I can setup recurring payments to a friend? Like recurring electronic bill pay, but directly to another person, fee-free?

Someone told me Zelle has that option, but when I signed up, there was no option like this.

Anyways, good to meet everyone here!



Welcome. I bet you know and understand more about money than you think you do.

I don’t know of any tool, but maybe that function exists at your bank?


Welcome! Perhaps PayPal or Venmo have those options?

Welcome! i am able to do with with billpay at my bank. It doesn’t work in zelle that I have found, but I have Other people set up as accounts in bill pay (after they confirm test deposits) and have recurring transactions sent to them without fees. I do this at USAA bank


Welcome to the forum! It’s a friendly group around here.

When it comes to investing, I like the following saying:

“Pigs get fat; hogs get slaughtered.”

Don’t be a hog. :wink: