How do you planner?

I use habit trackers for this. Google habit tracker layouts and see what comes up.

Doing a surprise plan with me live in 30 minutes on youtube


Another plan with me but we’ll talk about macroeconomics too!


Another plan with me today at 5PM Pacific/8PM eastern

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I have no idea if this will be helpful for me in any way, but it looks really interesting. I did definitely pre-order it :laughing:

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I just saw this on facebook and I want it so much. I cannot get this planner/journal.
I’ve never done more than like 2 pages of a planner. I have nothing to plan. I have no life.


I actually happen to have an extra one hanging around in gray if you would like to be planner-enabled! :wink:

You have kids! You have stuff to plan!

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Wow- that is really really kind. But I wouldn’t use it. Thank you.

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No worries! I ended up with two from gifts and that journal style doesn’t work well for me. I’m more of an open spaces bullet journaler vs preplanned categories person.

The premise is really cute and the quality seems good though!

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I think i only need a daily to do list with dates and I’m sad about it :frowning: i have a beautiful planner but i don’t use most of the categories or the hourly. I used to love the hourly but have replaced it. So two options really:

  1. Use planners in a bigger picture way and use a reg notebook for daily . By big picture i mean monthly, quarterly, yearly.

  2. Use paper writing products only for when I’m learning, which admittedly is often.

Any recs for either?

In the meantime…I dunno if people care about systems vs planners but I’m bored so I’m gonna blab about it. Here is what I do:

Outlook - work meetings, time blocks for child pick up and personal appts, vacations, weekly & monthly recurring tasks, blocks and color coding for projects, blocks for food/exercise.

Google Calendar - family bdays, appts, and weekend stuff. All weekday stuff shared with outlook. Recurring chores (like order PUR water filter) that i will forget.

Desktop wallpaper - the morning/evening routine of tasks i need to get done to stay on top of my shit. Literally the steps updating and transferring and processing tasks or notes whatever.

OneNote - every work meeting agenda and note, details of projects, related pdfs and faff.

Smart sheet KanBan and Gant - all project related to do’s.

Paper Agenda (Emily Ley’s Simplified journal) - miscellaneous tasks and shit that aren’t project related but need to get done. Also addresses specific parts of my process, like identifying the focus task so all i have to do is sit at my desk and work immediately in the morning.

Rocketbook - erasable and scannable notebook that feeds directly into one note for meetings when I’m not near my computer or i just feel like writing or drawing.

Llama app - to keep me honest on a days worth of tasks.

Fitbit - sleep, water, exercise tracking.

Daylio - mood tracking, along with various quality of life things.

Ynab - monies