How do you planner?

I’m doing another planner stream this weekend - Sunday October 24th 5 PM PDT, 8PM EDT and at 12AM GMT - Monday 8AM AWST, 10AM AEST

Talking about the hobonichi cousin avec and how I integrate it with digital tools.


I’ve just finished my first week with the Mossery twinbook. I think this format is going to work well!

I bought a 7-pack of Frixion pens (erasable gel pens) and being able to color-coordinate to my Google calendars is super helpful. And now I have space for my OMD stickers!


Watching this stream was really enlightening! Seeing a spread come together finally gave me the ability to parse it. Also, I LOVE the little graphs. Makes me want to find something to track :thinking:


Would be interested in how people used the Mossery planner and a tour! Bullet journaling is going OK so far and is flexible, but I’d still love something I don’t have to set up weekly.


Who’s got two thumbs and wants to procrastinate on real work by doing a planner tour?? :+1: :+1:

Inside the Mossery Twinbook

The book starts with a few pages of Inspiration Board. Not really my jam so currently mostly blank.

There’s also a page for “words to live by” and “role models” here.

Up next is a habit tracker, which, again, I don’t use currently.

Monthly pages:

Weekly page, blank:

Weekly page, as I use it:

The column to the far left is general weekly to do’s, color coded by project. The week starts on Monday, which I love.

I mostly use the hourly breakdowns to note meetings, and then use the note section at the bottom of the page for to do’s. That week only has my dinner plans at the bottom - here’s my current week, for a more active example:

That’s the planner book, then we move into the second book, which for me is just lined notebook paper for taking notes.

I wish it came with more than one ribbon notebook - I added post it notes to mark the current month and week, and use the ribbon to bookmark my notes section.

I like that the outside is pretty- I know the inside is always going to be very functional/messy but having a pretty cover is nice.


SO cute!

I’ve been following this thread for a while but wanted to say hi! I started trying to bullet journal years ago but finally got consistent when the pandemic started.

Question for other bullet journalers or those who use undated planners: If you’re getting close to the end of a journal/planner and a new calendar year looms, do you keep filling the journal until it is full, or do you start a new one to coincide with the new calendar year?


My favorite best planner was a “Mom’s Planner” from Blue Sky. They no longer make it. What I liked about it was that it had page layout for Kid 1, Kid 2, Kid 3, Kid 4’s appointments. I used that space to track the many things I’m trying to get done all at once.

Right now:
Writing: Frugality/Cooking Book writing/editing, recipes, etc.
Website: Replacing preCOVID data with something a bit closer to reality.
Storage: Emptying/Book Cull
Bookstore Helping: Writing up information that I think will be useful
House: Clean/Cull/Get ready for retirement
Gardening: Garden Map/Seed Inventory/Planning
Sewing: Relearning to thread machine/sewing sheet


None of the goals I have are single-step things, or if they are I do them and I’m done. The kids’ pages gave me a place where I could every week add the 2-5 things I’d done or discovered I needed to… and it was with the calendar.

Last year, I bought a large calendar for inside the pantry to track appointments and another calendar for the kitchen/dining to track my day to day. Both have mostly been abandoned.

The Mom’s Planner was the best thing I ever found, and they discontinued it.

Any ideas?


Hi everyone. I have used planners for over 30 years now. I started when my children were preschoolers with the Polestar Press Family Planner. It was cheap, organized and functional for me as a SAHM.

Then I started homeschooling. Let the experimenting begin! I used more detailed block planning for the kids initially. Then switched to mind mapping. Then colour coded mind mapping. Then had the kids keep log books in their teen years, while I kept an ongoing homeschool journal, as well as the separate family Polestar Press planner for appointments (yes, I went back to it).

The girls left home. I started a business. I started using a basic business journal I bought at Staples, but it was more for executives in a big company. I was a one woman shop - an artist. I discovered “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. It was great! I could develop systems to work for me…or so I thought. I developed the systems, but they didn’t work for me. They were more geared to Executive Assistants and, again, larger firms. They didn’t integrate home life with work life. This dissolved into me keeping massive prioritized To Do lists, which led to basic goal setting and doing the Twenty Wishes concept as espoused by Debbie Macomber in one of her fiction books.

Well, it may as well have been fiction. My list grew so long and cumbersome, with sub goals, it was pathetic. I achieved little and the list felt more like a straitjacket to me. I decided the problem was the way I was setting goals. So I studied different ways to set goals and came across the S.M.A.R.T. approach. I tested it. It worked. But I needed to be able to track several SMART goals at once.

Enter bullet journaling. I read about it on a board somewhere on the Internet. I googled it on YouTube. I found lots of pretty spreads that took oodles of hours to complete. I bought the supplies to do it…and then was overwhelmed!

I decided to go really basic. I grabbed a small 5x7 three subject notebook and started recording my days, using a double page spread for the week. It worked, but the book was flimsy and my writing a mess. There was no coding or pretty trackers. I moved to a 5x7 Lechturrm hard cover planner. It was beautiful, but it was also hard to find things. Plus I did not have the time at tge end of each book to rewrite my Collections in a new book. I have those two journals still, and they’re a beautiful glimpse into my life, BUT I moved on due to lack of time to maintain the system.

I googled again. This time I tripped across travellers notebook videos on bullet journaling. I quickly purchased a beginner one 40% off at Michaels and was on my way. I liked the portability of it. I liked the flexibility to add and take out booklets. I didn’t have to rewrite anything. It was great for covering and integrating all areas of my life. A stellar planning tool. Except for one thing…the refills were expensive. The highly graphic approach I had decided to take took too much time to set up.

So…I pulled the plug. I went to Dollarama and purchased a cheap planner for $2.50/3 CAD. It has monthly overview pages at the front with daily blocks big enough to write in. This is followed by weekly spreads on two facing pages. Both monthly and weekly spreads have a column for main goals for the week, or notes. There are lined pages and an address book at the back.

It’s big enough to integrate my home life with my work life. Though I must admit, I still use mind mapping to organize my business and stay focused.

This is waaay too long. If you made it to the end I’m mega impressed! I hope something in here is of use to someone. See you around the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:


I keep using the journal until it is full. It really irritates me to have blank, unused pages!

I’m actually going to be finishing out my current bullet journal with the end of December 2021, but I achieved that feat by starting it partway through February!


I recently upped my sticker game in my 2021 Idlewild planner, and it’s making me so so happy! I even got some Pride and Prejudice washi tape. :books: :rose:

I’ve got a Mossery twin book queued up for 2022, and I’m so excited but also kind of worried I’m going to drop the ball on the weekly spreads. :open_book:


I like the Mossery twinbook too. But I think I"m going to buy one cover and perhaps many inserts to cover the myriad things I do: writing, culling, website/data, antique store, maybe youtube, house cleaning plan, etc.

I also do work with other people, so in that case I’m doing proofreading, layout implementation, and reading stories for inclusion/exclusion for anthologies.

So I"m thinking a cover, a 2022 first 6 months calendar insert and one or two blank inserts, which I intend to swap in/out as needed.

Makes as much sense as any other idea I’ve found and it will keep the 1,000 different things I’m trying to finish in some sort of order, I hope!


Ahem link plz.

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My most ardent apologies! :relaxed:

I just checked the page and she sells Labyrinth tape now as well.

Y’all have influenced me to up my game with my boring non-planner planner.

I just have a small spiral bound notebook, right side is work and left side is personal, usually I start a fresh page every Monday morning. The upping my game part is that I had a hard time remembering what meetings I had going on but didn’t think a daily spread would be helpful. My previous method was a sticky note but it would get hidden under other things because I would keep reusing the same note as much as possible till it loses its stickiness.

I have preemptively for next week drawn a line to separate the top three lines of the work page and wrote M T W R F across the top and then I put 10TFN or 11CT or 10Bob under the day. The more full description is in Google calendar, I just needed something to nudge me since the pop up thingy for Google calendar sucks compared to Outlook. Another thing I’ve started is recurring monthly tasks which also is on Google calendar but I’ll write them right under my MTWRF area.

I’m not to the point of colored pens or washi tape yet but y’all have definitely been a positive influence on my planner skillz.


I’m doing a planner giveaway for a 2022 Midori Day length planner (and cat stickers). If you’re interested, here it is:

Ends 12/26 at 5:30PM Pacific (while on the stream!)

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Is there any secondary market for Happy planner stuff?
I have a bunch of stickers- is it worth researching to try to sell them, or should I just put them on Buy Nothing?

My fantasy self planners, I do not.

Definitely secondary market. Mercari mostly, but also look for FB buy sell trade groups.

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One of my neighbors/good friend uses planners, but she does it with 5 year planners and day books. Her boss gave her a one-year (2022) planner and she gave it to me! Cost $0. Not sure if I’ll use it, or not, but talk about the universe gifting the unexpected!

I was delivering warm bread, and a chocolate Christmas tree thing. Got planner.

I just ordered an antique (1800’s) leather “notebook” that should fit the Mossery inserts, I hope. I didn’t really like how slick the twinbook things are, but most of what I objected to was having to put my name on it, or any name. I tried, several times, to order it without a name on it. I don’t need to know who I am. I don’t live in a house where there’s 3 of us using a Mossery planner, and I dont’ see why anyone else, if I lose it or die, should need my name on it. Just isn’t my thing. I take tags off of coach bags too.

Weird, I know. But it’s me.

Anyway, we’ll see if my idea with the 1800s leather notebook cover will work? If it will? Then I will have my permanent cover, that has an illegible name and 8/18/1881 written on it instead of my name.

I got a shipping notice for the leather notebook. Should be her this week. Woot! :package:


I am trying to find a good approach to motivating/tracking my doing some form of PT daily in 2022. I’m working with a basic plain moleskin.

Any suggestions for layouts that have worked well for you to track a daily commitment?