How do you planner?

So I watched the planner stream and I’m totally fascinated, this is a Whole Thing. I want to know moooooooore~

But first, maybe a silly question: how do you, personally, use a planner? When do you write in it, when do you reference it? What do you include? (I’m especially interested in your answer if you have ADHD.)


I’ve kept a planner since 6th grade. (I still own them all, they survived all my waves of minimalism). Year to year basic academic planners, broken down by week. How I use them now- my husband and I both have weird and variable schedules. For example this week, I have-
Monday: SirB, (event) (place) (time). My study interview call (time).
Tuesday: SirB, (event) (place) (time). Imperfect box arrival reminder.
Wednesday: SirB, (event) (place) (time).
Th: SirB, (call) (time). Reminder to schedule Latte’s upcoming 2 year old appt.
Friday: reminder that fridge will be delivered today.

On the right hand column for every day, I track the amount of time we spent outside that day, in pursuit of my “1000 hours outside” goal. Every Sunday I have the week total and YTD total on that.

I have a small set of pens I keep nearby and I color code some basics. Orange for SirB events. Dark green for dr/dentist type appointments. Bright green for Lil Pup appointments (this helps me easily spot, say, when I last took her to get her nails clipped). Red for “pay attention”. Pink for social, ie, remember that your in laws are coming Saturday, self!

I hope that helps? It’s not particularly cute. I used to do a lot more to do items, when I was a student and took it with me everywhere, but now most of those are voice reminders or on our white board in the kitchen, because my life is not my own haha.

Feel free to ask any Qs. :woman_shrugging:


i love having a planner, and it helps me, but i am an inconsistent user. my life is not that busy so it mostly helps me focus on what i want to do each day/week.

in 2021 i’m using a weekly planner from appointed and i have enjoyed using it. i used a hobonichi techo cousin for a year or two previously. usually i just keep a notebook (i like these the best) where i make a barebones 2-page spread by hand (most weeks) and in between write a lot of lists and make notes in an extremely free form fashion.

i saw that there is a hobonichi techo cousin without dates available now, so i ordered one for 2022. with the appointed journal, i have needed a separate notebook for notes and lists anyway, so i think the more free-form hobonichi techo will work well for me.

when i’m in a good place to be using my planner, i tend to sit down with it on sunday afternoon or monday morning, and think about what i want to focus on for the following week – actual tasks as well as overall themes like “be trustworthy to my body.”

during the week, i keep it on my desk as i’m working and jot down stuff i need to do or follow up on. i love
crossing things off as i complete them!


I too am on the Appointed train! They just released their 2022 offering. Not sure which one I want. In general I’m more of a weekly to-do list, monthly activity view person. The daily pages almost always go unused.


so do people do the planning in another spot, and then do the final documentation in the planner? if so, where/how do they do the planning?

Like, I try to plan out my menus and groceries every week, and there ends up being a bunch of rethinking and trying new ideas so I’m not triple using certain ingredients, or leaving other things to be wasted.

It seems like what goes into the planner is the outcome/output, not the work of planning


My planning process is entirely about planning. If the plan evolves, sometimes I update the written plan, and sometimes I don’t.

I think some planners can be pretty easily set up so that you can both plan and document – the Hobonichi Techo is good for this just cause there’s more real estate. For instance you could plan on the weekly pages and document on the dailies.


If I know it’ll be insanely messy and I don’t care to preserve the process, I’ll use scratch paper and a pen.


On planners:

I tried Happy Planners for most of this year, but found that there was too much daily space, but not enough monthly/weekly planning. But, I was proud of myself because I consistently used them for most of the year.

Prior to this, I kept a joint notebook for notes and lists. I found that I took notes too frequently and spent a lot of time copying things over and finding my to-do lists between days of meetings.

In the last two weeks I have started trying out bullet journaling so I have more space/real estate. I want to try it as it seems like a more organized system of what I naturally have done for years.

I bought myself a new nice bullet journal notebook because I wanted to. I keep a separate planner for work and another one for personal/small business with my husband. I also still have yet another notebook (I use these from Walmart) for work notes from meetings.

Right now I’ve set up these spreads in the work journal:
Intro section - bullet journal key, table of contents, calendar through the end of the year
September - monthly master task list, weekly “rolling” log for planning task throughout the week and then daily task lists.

I’m trying out the rolling weekly that Claudia Kai does here at 11:34:

Still waiting on my personal/business journal to arrive but am planning/thinking about what spreads I want to lay out.

I’m currently using this planner I like the set up, weekly to-do list, block scheduling, meal planning, etc. I also really like that it’s a big hardcover planner.

I try to fill in my “blocks” the night before. Her system is really helpful to make sure certain things happen at certain times. Like I have an AM work block where I check and answer emails, tackle high priority items, etc. Then on Sunday’s I do my weekly to do list (later I plug in these to do lists items in my blocks for the week) and also my meal planning.

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Also, I do the majority of my weekly planning on Fridays so I’m ending the work week knowing what the next is like. I also often plan my personal stuff (like grocery shops and meal plans) too if I have time. I normally do monthly stuff on the last Friday/weekend of every month

I try to end each day with making the next day’s list as well.

I keep my work planner on my desk within reach most of the day. Personal planner floats throughout the day but when I wasn’t working from home I kept it in my work purse.

I have a bullet journal. Sometimes I use it and sometimes I don’t.

It has an annual overview I drew up but I use a wall calendar mostly for that kind of thing so the family can reference it too, it is helpful to have a calendar in the book to see dates and whatnot.

I write the date at the top and make a list when I use the bullet journal. Sometimes I make notes in it too or plan out specific projects. Sometimes I use pages for meal planning and groceries, I like these pages because if I’m unenthused I can copy a previous week.

I like having a blank journal for this so it doesn’t end up with gaps and I don’t have lots of loose sheets around. I don’t bother indexing stuff, I throw a sticky page marker on the pages that are most relevant at the moment. Sometimes I do a running todo list on a sticky note and move that around instead of rewriting the same things I’ve failed to do over and over :rofl:

I use some kind of fancy Japanese notebook that has hundreds of very thin pages. They are luxurious to write on with a fountain pen and it feels like there are endless pages.

Edit: when I’m using it everyday Friday works for me to to a week overview but I mostly just use it on individual days when I need a bit more structure.

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My planner mostly corrals my endless lists, though I still have some separate notebooks of lists.

I dunno. I feel like I need a different planner now, and I haven’t found anything that appeals. My life has changed and my planning is different, but I don’t know what would work better.

My number 1 requirement is heavyweight paper.

Also, planners give me a place to use stickers.

Personally, I buy Happy Planners and lots of accessories.
They are so pretty.

But then I never use them for more than 1 or 2 weeks.