Grocery Hauls and Pantry Snooping

$514 at Costco today. :grimacing:

In fairness,
$100: fish oil and Coq10 and zyrtec
$90: booze stock up (5 wines and local bourbon for Human/entertaining)
$75: Tissues, undies for both, umbrella, and wool socks to gift to non Costco family
Which leaves a more manageable $250 spent on food: dried mango, dried cherries, oat breakfast bars, fig bars, beef sticks, fruit/veg pouches, annual box of stroopwafel, izze (24 can), microwaveable quinoa and rice, chicken apple sausage, crunchy cauliflower snacks, fresh blackberries, prosciutto, canned fancy tomatoes, and sausage ravioli for dinner.

And these! I haven’t been sick like all of you but dry air has wreaked havoc on my sinuses, and these broth teabags are amazing. $16 for 4 boxes, so 33c per cup.

PS in my defense this is not a complete picture of how we eat, just what we stock up on at Costco every few months…


Correction, I was actually getting sick :sob::sneezing_face::sleeping:

The broth is pretty great though.


Had some good deals today: groceries (got a free giant chocolate bar because the cashier forgot to offer me the Deal of the Week), and then the produce haul was a $5 Flashfood deal. I have never used it before so it was interesting to see what I got. I see apple crisp and soup prep coming up. Anyways I was super excited about the deals. I was able to use price matching too - tide $6.96 CS over $10, Free and clear - .88 vs 1.19, baby carrots .99 vs 1.99.


nice score!

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Ordered what was labeled and pictured on the grocery delivery app as butternut squash and this showed up instead! It’s massive too. I guess I’ll try to roast it?


I wonder what it is? I hope it’s edible. Some of the weird squash crosses aren’t apparently. But I’m assuming this is. Otherwise they wouldn’t have sent it???


Haha yeah I’m not concerned about edibility, just bemused! The receipt just has it labeled as “pumpkin” in Arabic


Like the one here? Might be “japanese pumpkin”?
Anne-Marie Bonneau shared a post on Instagram: "This time of year, I cook whole kabocha squash—aka Japanese pumpkin—and sugar pie pumpkins to make purée for pies, muffins, quick breads, soup, pasta... I prefer kabocha squash over pumpkin, not that I...


Two comments!

1- You need less food as you age.
2- I think it’s great that you’ve manged to spend less each year. Go you!

You might also try Steve Solomon’s books: Growing When It Counts & Intelligent Gardener.


I was real surprised the other day. There were 3 bottles of Lyle’s golden syrup inthe mardowns. Got 3 for about $6!


Reporting back after roasting that this was sadly a disappointing mystery squash. More watery and less flavorful than butternut or kabocha, almost like spaghetti squash? Oh well. Going to try to make soup with it tonight anyway.


Yeah, the local grocer is my preference for now.

Never heard of Steve Solomon. Will check his books out at the library.


He founded Territorial Seeds, then sold it.


I will never, ever do another grocery haul that will top this. It was actually better than this, as I sold the larger turkey, $4.61, to a neighbor. She gave me $5, so I made a .39 profit!!! :crazy_face:

    16-20LB BB TURKEY            4.61 S

    16-20LB BB TURKEY            4.45 S

    Regular Price              41.29

 Sale Savings               36.68-

 Sale Savings               35.34-

         TAX                     0.00

    **** BALANCE                 9.06


 Credit Purchase   11/25/22 10:00

 PAYMENT AMOUNT             9.06


         Visa                    9.06

         CHANGE                  0.00


 11/25/22 10:00 


 Store Savings                  72.02

 Total                          72.02

 Total Savings Value              89%

Thank you for shopping Shaws!


WOW! Excellent haul. You should frame the reciept! :rofl:

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We will not be getting fresh green limes here I guess

We’ve seen them as high as 65/kg for organic


I had assumed this was a joke and they had omitted a decimal. But they usually price them per each here. (Or like, 10 for $)

I’m sorry. :pensive: I would share my sub-dollar limes if I could.


I’d certainly use blended limes if that was the $ here! I didn’t know blended lemons was a thing… Here’s a link. I intend to do this the next time I fork out $$$ for organic citrus…


End of the month grocery shopping. Bought ahead for December. I don’t trust the grocery stores to keep prices down over the holidays.

Today we spent $134.05CAD for seven bags of groceries, which is really good. There was only one mistake on the receipt, and it wasn’t worth going back to correct. A lot of cheese and cheese products today - cream cheese, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, block cheese (gouda, mozzarella, cheddar). No meat. Sunflower seeds and sliced almonds were $17.58 alone!!!

I’m watching my flour go down nervously. Flour is $20 for a $20 lb bag right now. There was some on sale for $11.99 this weekend, but it was all gone by the time we arrived today. Ideally I’d like another 20 lb bag in the house for backup over the holidays.