Grocery Hauls and Pantry Snooping

From the Money Diaries thread, it became clear there are a lot (okay, a few anyway) of us who enjoy grocery hauls, what I eat in a day, pantry and fridge photos, etc. I thought we could make a space for that! Feel free to post receipt photos too, or write things out, or break it down by category… however you want to do it is fine by me!


I’ll start. I took a photo of my Trader Joe’s trip today. There were multiples of the artichoke hearts and pumpkin that I didn’t put up. This was a bit of a stock up trip- I’m increasing my food “par” in advance of winter/holidays/election/etc

Also I wanted snacks :joy:

Eta the receipt:


DROOOOOOOOL I miss Trader Joe’s so much. I wish they delivered.

PUB CHEESE. Can I just faceplant in that right now?


I love this thread idea! I am so nosy, I can’t wait to see people’s groceries and pantries!


We literally had a “proximity to TJs” column in our spreadsheets for our last three moves :joy:


Right it’s like an open house, but with food and we don’t have to leave home :sweat_smile:


Yes to this thread! I’m particularly excited to see food & packaging from other geographic locations than my own.


Ooooh I didn’t even THINK about that but I LOVE IT. And comparing food pricing? Oh heck yes.

Eta added my receipt to my trip for food pricing.


Ooh. I’m in. And maybe taking pics of my receipts will help me enter it all in YNAB in a more timely fashion :sweat_smile:


I’ll try and remember to post my Imperfect Foods delivery when it comes later today.
It is STUPID expensive. Like, Whole Foods expensive. But, it keeps us out of stores, so.


I mean, there was one within walking distance of my work, back in the Before Times when we were in the office. Sigh.

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Fun idea. Do we just edit our post as we add food to it for the day?

(I can’t do a haul, as husband does the shopping. But my diet is AWFUL. Today I went upstairs and was thinking “we don’t have food, just ingredients” so I chose marshmallows…"


Frozen Blueberries? I want a smoothie now.

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Freeze dried! They’re a great travel snack for the baby, and they go super well in pancakes.

That would probably be easiest but you’re welcome to do a blow by blow if you want! I’m not a picky sort, but if anyone cares one way or another they can weigh in.

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Sigh yeahhhh we’re still doing imperfect every couple weeks. The meat supply chain especially went to hell here, and I was having trouble getting chicken (we don’t have a farmer here for that, Wompwomp) so they were super helpful for that and grass fed dairy.


This is probably my favorite thing about the pantry photos that have been posted in the past here!


This is super weird, but if ANYONE wants to see everything I bought in the year 2015, it’s on this instagram account and includes every grocery haul of a Vegan in Portland in 2015?. The account got hacked awhile ago so there’s still some dumb posts this year that are clearly spam, but check out the rest if you like grocery hauls. Also it was before I quit drinking alcohol and my job involved a lot of meetings at bars, so a lot of well whiskies.

Things like this: $26.12 groceries

$52.51 Groceries & floss


Yes - Boyfriend strongly prefers to pick out his own meat in person at the store, but I convinced him to give this a try when we were having supply chain issues and he’s been very happy with everything he’s tried. So, we’re keeping it up at least through the pandemic. $$$$, but, it keeps him from running to the store weekly, and now that we’re both working, there’s less ability to run errands at off times.

The dairy prices are outrageous, though, so I try to limit that. Except for their goat cheese which is like 2 bucks a small log.


We did our grocery shop and picked up our CSA veggies yesterday (Community Supported Agriculture) so I don’t have pretty photos but I can open house my fridge and pantry for y‘all. Seems unremarkable to me but :woman_shrugging: Just me and the spouse and I am the gluten free one


This is a delightful thread idea. I JUST went grocery shopping yesterday (and have already recycled the receipt and put everything away), but here, have a gratuitous photo of my spice cabinet:

Yes it is all alphabetized, except for spice blends (and the spices on the second shelf are replacements for almost-empties, haha).

100% sharing this photo because it is much better organized than my pantry cabinet :sweat_smile: