Grocery Hauls and Pantry Snooping

I’m sad to say that looks like my once a month trip to costco :woman_facepalming:


Hahaha once every 2-3 week trip here🥴


@Bracken_Joy & @Economista you two have family? There’s only two adults here.

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I doubt my 27lb toddler accounts for the 3.5x (I’m guessing, I don’t remember) difference in our grocery bills, LOL! I mean, I have a lot of ideas what does. But still :sweat_smile: it’s just amusing to see a once in 6 month trip be the size of my probably more than monthly trips!


:joy:! Yeah, guess not. Toddlers eat, but not that much! I suspect diet is part of it. We have health issues and have to be careful what we eat. There’s some processed foods on the receipt, but not much.

Also, I specifically go through Costco with Superstore, Sobeys and Walmart prices in mind. I am buying produce mostly from Walmart these days. And meat and poultry from a specialty discount meat market. Fish, if we get it, is either canned from Costco or on sale 50% off at Superstore. Eggs normally come from a neighbour’s chickens for $4/dozen jumbo eggs, but it’s off season for them. So I bought eggs at Costco today.

I was reminded our expenses were high this month because we stocked up on hurricane food too.

So yeah, it’s not as bad as I thought. We are going to try to keep out of Costco until spring now, but we shall see. I may place a mid-winter online order for delivery. We’ll see.


I know a huge part of our equation is meat- SirB and I both do best with fairly high protein consumption, and I can’t eat soy and he’s very limited on beans. And we buy local grass fed beef from a rancher and special, pampered, way past even organic type chicken, and get all our eggs from a local (…and expensive) farmer. That sort of thing. That adds up substantially. Add fancy local roaster coffee and you already are looking at a hefty bill!

Oh and FRUIT. Our toddler’s diet is like 40% berries I swear. :face_with_spiral_eyes: and while she’d happily do cheaper frozen fruit, mama can’t handle the extra clean up that makes :joy:


That’ll do it. If you’re buying grass fed, organic your expenses are going to be double to triple mine. At least here they would be.

This year I went to a wild blueberry farmer and bought 50 pounds of blueberries to freeze for the winter. We’ll see how long they last. They cost $150 CAD.


Yep, our beef is about 1.5x, our chicken is like 3x, the eggs can be 8x a store brand on sale.


$10 flashfood. 5 of that is the cheese, the other 5 is all the veggies


Another 5 on flashfood because i was tempted by avocado

(6 avocado, 5 red onions, 5 yellow onions in great shape, large number of summer squash in sadder shape but nothing worse than the damage evident in the photo)


Small grocery delivery, mostly because I needed to order refills for the water cooler and it makes sense to get food at the same time too. Cheese, some produce, juice, snacks, canned chickpeas. ~$20 total, $5 of that for water.


Bulk barn haul! I brought lightweight containers to save the planet without hauling glass jars. I saw someone else do it and it is so smart! About $80, but there is gf, keto and vegan nonsense going on. Did I need $4 sweetened condensed oat milk? No. Will it turn into something amazing this winter? I hope so!

Guess who chose pecans and sprinkles for his purchases?


$6 from too good to go - a ghost convenience store about 15 minutes away.

Just struggling with the kraft singles.


Not a fan of grilled cheese, Mac and cheese, or cheeseburgers?


Kraft singles make my throat close up in grilled cheese or basic sandwiches. I don’t eat burgers. I haven’t tried in mac & cheese - might work if I hide it among good cheese?

I should suggest the shadowy one try it with the veggie burgers when I go out tomorrow (though that might just be an excuse for them to get take out as well) - worst that happens is it gets scraped off.

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Do you have this with pregrated cheese? You could have a mild allergy to the mold inhibitors they use.


it’s more a gag reflex - it closes before I swallow. I used to get over my high gag reflex by skulling down milk, but now as an adult I just don’t have those things in the house.

I don’t have pregrated cheese either, but I think that’s just because I’m cheap.

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Today’s haul. This cost $45 CAD. And the cheese and crackers were on sale. The crackers are for the upcoming holidays (Christmas). The cans are peaches.

On the up side. Hubby and I found a local grocer with better pricing on some items - grapes and oranges. Plus they sold in smaller quantities, which is what we need as a retired couple.


I went to Safeway for sweet potatoes ($2) I ended up with this for $4.62


Ooooh impressive.

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