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What did you get up to in your garden today, friends?

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Today I planted cucumbers next to my driveway and found a wriggly lizard. They don’t look like much yet.


Moved my seedling trays of Roman Chamomile to a slug free safe space.

Picked up some pots, some dirt, some more ranunucs and a half price Crimson Rocket peach tree from #thebiggreenshed


I found 3 baby watermelon growing! Not sure they will ripen before first frost, but last year I didn’t get anything.

So gardening skills are marginally improved. :+1:


A few seeds I’m growing to attract the bees.


Expanded a garden bed today.
Before, the potato patch:

After, next year’s beans and lettuce bed:


I may have taken advantage of being over the other side of town for a car thingy to swing past a different #thebiggreenshed on the way home to see what they had in the way of marked down bare rooted fruit trees.

A Santa Rosa plum came home with me.



Mmm plums. I don’t think I have a cool enough place in my garden for stone fruit… Until I have the conifers cut down and plant a bunch of dwarf varieties, anyway.

I spread some slow release fertilizer around. I also have at least 4 little pea sprouts coming up, so exciting to have finally worked out something to grow along my driveway.

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Hot. Dry. Windy. Just trying to keep babies plants alive.


DH did some weeding and cleared a small bed. I have scattered some flower seeds, and I’ll do some in egg cartons this arvo to plant out later.

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Potted up the bare rooted Santa Rosa plum and Crimson Rocket peach trees today between solo parenting and the rain showers.


In my newly extended former potato bed, I planted some seeds, hoping they’ll overwinter: carrot, broccoli raab, spinach, and arugula.

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I had family over today to remove 2 pines from our yard. They didn’t hit the fences, the house or the retic, so I’m impressed!

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Shitty weather is keeping me from jobs to be done, so I’m writing a list so I can be accountable when it comes good again.

  • Buy 2 x bags of worm castings from CERES.
  • Buy pot and soil from #thebiggreenshed and pot up Hansen Tangerine.
  • Pot up Eureka Lemon (pot and soil on hand).
  • Pot up 3 x O’Reilly Blueberries (pots and soil on hand).
  • Pot up 1 x Elliot blueberry (pot and soil on hand).
  • Dehead Dutch Hyacinths, daffodils and tulips as they finish flowering - chop up the flower stems and add to the worm farms.
  • Plant out Red Gem Marigold seeds.
  • Feed all the pots with a top dressing of sheep manure.
  • Cut out the pea plants.
  • Pot up the Dahlia tubers.
  • Pot up the Gladiolli bulbs.
  • Pick Cumquats and Tangelos as they ripen (the majority are ripe and falling off the trees) and use in Marmalade.
  • Prune citrus trees in month of September.

More to add when I think of it.


Picked and froze some tomatoes and will make pasta sauce when I harvest them all. I’m very happy with this variety! Taste really well and are more meaty than watery. I think I’ll have to plant more next summer.

Pumpkins are almost ready to be picked and everything else continues to produce fine.

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Bought a couple of kamu strawberries and a legacy blueberry bush on the weekend. I think I’m up to 18 strawberry plants now, plus seeds for an alpine variety are on their way. Will this be enough for Ewok? We’ll find out.

It’s interesting to see that my sunshine blue blueberry bushes are all covered in fruit while my legacy and northland bushes are only just starting to flower. Theoretically, if I had enough of both types, I could cover a much longer season. As it is, I’m worried that we’ll only be harvesting five blueberries a day :roll_eyes:


Done as well as a used 20L bucket of mushroom compost (basically straw and mycellium in a bucket shape) from their onsite mushroomery, another Lily of the Valley as ours never survive in their current location and an Eryngium planum aka Blue Sea Holly


I’ve started talking to my sister about her new garden, and we’ve agreed to swap garden ideas.

I watched parts of the garden wilt today, so tomorrow’s job is to review sprinklers and spread wettasoil so the water actually goes in the ground…


This week is all about tiny jobs for me. I’ve shuffled a few pots around and am putting all the stuff that’s been left around away, or in the compost or bin.


Please advice on required number of strawberry plants for a toddler. We have two. Do we need another 16?

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Quite likely. Ewok will happily eat a punnet a day.