Flowers! 🌺 🌷 🌸 🌹

i’m so sorry about your grandma. the flowers are incredible. :purple_heart::orange_heart:

I should have some more Dahlias, but otherwise these are the last few babies I have.


Does anyone have Dahlias that you dig up in winter? How do you store them? I have watched videos, and there seem to be a few options. @madgeylou?


This is it for this year.


Those are absolutely gorgeous in that vase!


these are likely my last dahlias of the season, too, though the snapdragons will probably keep going for a while!

@turtlegirl last year i put my saved dahlia bulbs in paper bags, then inside a box in my garage. seemed to work ok!


My next 2-3 nights are going to be around 25 degrees. I assume that will kill anything that is left. :cry:

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do you know about cool flowers? some flowers really like the cold and even tolerate a bit of frost, like snapdragons and sweet peas.

there’s a book called “cool flowers” that explains it all! i’m planning on starting snaps and sweet peas and a few more varieties in february to plant out in april.


My sweet pea had some snow on it this week and is still green! It’s crazy!

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I saw the book but haven’t read it. It would be nice to have earlier flowers.

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Dahlias have been dug and divided. I have no idea if I did it correctly but I ended up with a lot of tubers. I need to decide how I’m going to store them once they are dry. All fingers crossed that they survive the winter.


I love funeral flowers.

It seems to be the trend more and more often to not send flowers but instead donate to a cause, and that is fine, but I like to look at the floral arrangements at funerals. That’s one way I kill time when at a visitation.

Most of the funerals I attend are for people in garden club or plant societies, so floral arrangements are important.

I took this one to the funeral of a key garden club lady in July. It is big, messy, and exuberant in Lilies.


Some of the funeral flowers can be absolutely amazing. The flowers for my grandma’s funeral were such a beautiful tribute from a long time family friend who owns a flower shop.

@madgeylou have you seen the Floret Originals that are coming in the new year? The colors are amazing! :heart_eyes:

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i did! i signed up to be notified about like 80% of them :laughing:

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i miss real flowers, so i got out the wedding flowers i made 11 years ago. they still look pretty cute :relaxed:


Those are so cute! We’re they your wedding bouquet?

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thank you! i didn’t have a wedding bouquet but i made tons of these for decorations on all the dining tables. i gave them all away to friends and family except for these :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@madgeylou have you made a list for Floret seeds? I’m going to have to revise and limit mine now that the prices are posted but I’m excited to order some.

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