I love spring here on the US east coast. All the blooms are so cheery. I’d like to share some with you and I hope you’ll share some with me as well.

(Why is this appropriate for a budgeting site? Because looking at flowers in my neighborhood is free entertainment for me!)

These are Virginia bluebells. They are uncommon outside of this region.

And a closeup

Daffodils, of course. Most of mine wilted in the heat earlier this week, but these are still going strong.

This redbud is so bright right now. I hope it doesn’t cause any car crashes by shocked drivers as they come around the bend.

Here are some brunnera. The blue flowers are nearly glowing and my camera couldn’t adequately handle them.

More bunnera and hellebores (lenten roses)

Bleeding hearts are some of my favorites.

What do you have?

(It is ok to put this here? Or is there a better category?)


This is a great category! Flowers belong in all categories. I will use this as encouragement to take some photos next time I’m out riding somewhere because Portland is FILLED with blooms right now.


Love this! I’ll take some photos when I’m out next time too :slight_smile:


This makes me want my lilies to be in bloom like NOW.


Dogwood in its native habitat

Native rhododendrons


Wild iris - I think this is Iris cristata

Fire pinks (Silene virginica) on a steep slope


Beautiful tree in our backyard!


I love looking at flowers in my neighborhood! I don’t know much about them, maybe one of you can tell me what this lovely tree is? I spotted it today!


Here is our dogwood tree that is finally starting to bloom!


Paperbark Tree flowering in a local park.


That looks like it might be a grafted Japanese Snowbell? (Styrax Japonica). They’ve very sweet smelling when they bloom, and the petals fall individually to make this really lovely carpet. Our neighbor used to have one that leaned over our fence, I adored it.


Not from our property but the national forest:
Trillium flexipes

Trillium decumbems


How I love trillium!


Ooo, thank you! Yes, it’s so unusual looking and every season it does blanket the yard with petals.





This one is at our place, but I don’t know what it is.




Huh, yep, seems likely. Could be a species I don’t know, maybe O violacea. We have a couple of the yellow-flowered varieties very common around here, but I haven’t seen this before. I’ll taste a leaf tomorrow and report back with a definitive answer. :slight_smile:


Update: remembered to taste a leaf. Yep, definitely oxalis species.