Flowers! 🌺 🌷 🌸 🌹

I have quite a few yarrow plants, just all purchased in pots as decent sized plants. I suppose they can be grown different ways? I don’t want multiple skinny stems, so can I put like 4 or 5 (or more?) seeds close together in a pot to make it end up being a bigger plant? I also got some pincushion and a couple kinds of daisy seeds, can I grow them all the same way?

I got two different yarrow mixes, maybe I should plant them a bit apart to see what color they are then just plant them really close together so it looks like a bigger single color plant?

Is this picture what one seed will do?

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That’s my understanding, yes. I have not grown them from seed, though, just transplanted many natives with a shovel. They’re hardy. They do spread via rhizomes, so you should end up with a patch of it if you plant in the ground.

I’ve not seen it grown in pots, so I don’t know how that would do. I’d direct seed where you want it (and maybe closer than that envelope calls for).


This is how I’ve bought them, I never thought about how they were grown/got to looking like that? Do you think they were not grown in the pot specifically for selling? My assumption was that some number of seeds planted close together in a pot would look this way, but I’m still new at growing stuff. I’ve only ever bought things in pots and stuck them in the ground.

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Oh, I bet those were grown just like you describe. I’ve not seen it for sale like that(or seeds either except online). I bet you could do that! Would you transplant to beds or ground after? I do know from my shovelsful that they don’t get to upset at transplanting.

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I will transplant them into the flower beds surrounding my house. Thanks for thinking it through with me, I appreciate it! Seeds are cheap, but I still don’t want to waste them.

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i bought a really great book on kindle called “cool flowers” and it says that yarrow is incredibly winter hardy, so you could start seedlings inside and transplant outside before your last frost date if you want! my last frost date is ~may 15 so im planning to start some inside around march 1 and transplant outside around april 1-15z

highly recommend this book!


I assume that they would bloom sooner then?

i think so!

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i got some trader joe’s flowers for my bday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Those are so pretty! Happy almost birthday!

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Oh, what lovely pink roses! Happy almost birthday!

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Gorgeous! Happy nearly birthday!

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Whatcha doin to celebrate your birthday?

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having a little party with like 10 people! the weather is going to be like 50-60 degrees so we’ll have a fire + cake + hot cheesy olives and lots of other round food (since 50 is a nice round number). it’s my first party since 2018 and i’m excited :relaxed:


Sounds awesome! I wish I could be there and be round with you. :smiley:

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Happy birthday! Now I want olives.


Happy birthday!

Yay! Did you have square food last year? That’s what I did for 36 and will do again next year for 49.


omg no but that is such a good idea!! i have a few more years before that works for me again.

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I impulse purchased some paper white bulbs in December and they finally bloomed!