Catmas 2019

They’re never high leapers until they are. :wink: My cats turned 1 in June and it’s only now that Boy Kitty has jumped onto the one surface in the house where we thought decorations would be safe.

Does he climb? Will he eat the actual tree? (Had a cat like that once, started finding bits of our fake tree in his poo when we cleaned the box, YUCK.) Does he eat strings like the ones on ornaments - because swallowing string is REALLY bad for cats?

(Not trying to be a defeatist - just, they’re all different and during our cats’ kittenhood we were shocked at how every time we thought our place was completely catproofed, they managed to find some new way to cause trouble.)


He was climbing up the side of the couch to get my hoodie strings yesterday, so I’m going to say the answer to that one is yes :expressionless: I don’t know about the tree, but he’s the most food-motivated cat I’ve ever had, so I’ll guess yes on that, too…

I don’t think we have any ornaments with strings, just hooks, which I’m fairly certain he will not eat. We’ve always had cats, and that plus a baby means we don’t have a lot of items that dangle!


Hahaha, hoodie strings are the Best Thing Ever. Even at 1 year old Girl Kitty will scale the front of my body to get at them. She also gets under the covers while I’m sleeping so she can chew on the drawstring ties of my PJ pants.


I think we will attempt to use baby gates just to set boundaries. I’m sure she’ll try to jump over them, but it’s better than nothing.

Glad your kitty is healed; they truly are freaks of nature :smile:


We weren’t planning on this but the kittens found the wreath. Meowy Catmas!