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TJ Maxx is the go to here too!

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I posted this in the wrong place:

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced carpet cleaner for low pile (area rug) carpets? My living room rug is filthy because of the animals (and not my propensity to spill things, not at all! hahahahaha) and I used to have a little spot steam cleaner but I gave it away a few years ago. But I think I would like something that I can use to clean the whole thing at once…


Looking for 1" or 2" binders that are prettier and easier to open/close than the cheap ones I can get at CVS. Maybe the stationery fans can help?

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Full size?


I have a Hoover SteamVac that I just replaced after my old one quit working after 15 years. It’s an upright vac style but a bit bigger and I use it on all floor types. Don’t know if you have these in your area, but I am signed up with a local auction company that does on-line estate sales. Picked up one that was brand new for less than 1/4 the going price - about $40. I’ve seen more like it and those auctions are great for general household items like irons, sewing machines, etc.

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I don’t know if online estate sales are a big thing here, but it’s something to look into, thanks for that suggestion!!

Experience/recs with quality flat pack furniture (specifically for a sofa)??? (Also would love style help!!)

My house is extremely small and the doorways are nonstandard and very narrow (For example, I tried to wheel a wheely desk chair down the hall to the bedroom when I had company, to get it out of the way, and it wouldn’t fit through the hall doorway from the kitchen without taking the arms and/or base off, lol).

The sofa I have I got from the last owners. I assume it is super cheap because it’s sagging badly and is super uncomfortable where you can feel the springs (this started about 6 months ago). It is a futon-sofa type thing. It’s also really low to the ground and while it looks nice enough (except the sag) this makes it a bit uncomfortable to get up from. I don’t think a regular-sized sofa will fit through the doorway (through the window also not an option). Hence, flat pack, or something equivalent.

Don’t get me wrong, I like IKEA fine (in fact my very first sofa when I moved out west was a futon-style sofa from IKEA) but I am wondering if there is something better/higher quality/more stylish. Money is not an issue, but I don’t really want to pay thousands if I can help it. (But if I have to, :woman_shrugging: .)

My parents are probably coming to visit in May, so I kind of have to do this now. Sitting on my existing couch would be very hard for my mother.


Not a new sofa, but I have put risers under the legs of my couch to make it easier to get up from.
Might be a good short term solution while you figure it out.

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Good idea that I have totally used in the past for beds (to get extra storage space) that I totally didn’t think of, lol.

(I could probably just screw taller legs on it too, lol. But I have to get a new one, springs are done)

I have no personal experience but I’ve heard good things about Burrow, and supposedly their couches ship in several boxes:

Also I will say that I had a much better experience going to an IRL big box furniture store (Ashley’s) versus the stuff I could get online. Much better quality for the $$ and better success with things actually being delivered on time. If you can measure the narrowest part of the weird entryways a salesperson might be able to help you. (Difficult to do, I know, if you have LOTS of pinch points.)

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This is where I ordered my couch from, and that was a big selling point. I was able to assemble it by myself, and whenever I move, I will be able to break it down myself and fit it through any doorway or hallway.

It’s also very stable once assembled, not like some sectionals I’ve known that are hanging together with Velcro and dreams.


I don’t know if you like Lovesac? They have these modular couches and they’re very comfy (a store opened up close to us and I went to sit on them). @flan had gotten this.


I was afraid to Google that, but it’s really furniture!


They started off with these giant bean bag type chairs :rofl:


ok yes @calbal once we got a couch stuck upside down in the stairwell at our townhouse, and I vowed to never buy real couches again!

my LoveSac Sactionals are BIFL purchases. I got mine used with store display covers because they are quite pricey, but I don’t want to own any other couches ever again. it’s honestly a fantastic napping couch and reasonable extra sleeping arrangement for some visitors



They look nice! Sadly, the sofas are too long (both walls I can use are only 80") and the loveseats are only 60" wide which is too short for me to sleep on it. :cry:


They look so nice, but the 2 seaters (or like 3 seater, 2 with back and one as a loungy thing) is 82.5" which is too long for my walls. Why isn’t it 80"??? That would be perfect. :sob:

(Also, the price, lol. But they do look nice! There is a store about an hour from me, I would totally check them out if they would even fit.)

I slept on a loveseat for a summer and just popped my legs up and it was actually really comfortable… but I was in college then :laughing:

Whoa I just looked up the pricing for the Sactionals and I had no idea they cost so much! Even on sale!!

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yeaeh, I sleep out in the living room full time because of G now (plus the weather), there’s no way I could do it scrunched up full time!

I guess I could buy a low profile bed so she could find me at night, but like… I still need a couch. I don’t think I can justify that price for the loveseat PLUS a new bed. :sob:

Pretty good sales right now, Presidents Day I guess. Who knew? (We don’t get such holidays off from work, so not me!)