What color should we paint our house?

Hi there. The title pretty much covers it - our house is currently a faded yellow, but there’s a brick facade accent on one side along with some siding. We’d like to take down the siding but I think that would turn into a whole Project above and beyond painting so I’m inclined to leave it.


Front of the house and the side of the house. Three of the four sides actually look like the side of the house (just painted cinder block). You can’t see it very well but the roof is a light grey.

Better picture of the brick and a chair that broke yesterday. Our initial ideas were along the lines of blue/grey/blue-grey but then we remembered the brick. We’re open to painting the brick.

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Don’t paint the brick.

Blue can look good with brick - maybe not grey.


If it were more brick red I think I’d like it better than the kind of pinkish red it is now.


I’ve never tried it but the internet says you can refresh exterior brick using a clear coat sealer.

My house is gray with a brick facade. I think our brick is less red but I like gray with brick.

Or maybe look at the colors in the brick and pick one you like based on that? If you’re going to freshen up the brick maybe do that first. There’s an app called Swatches that can isolate colors from a picture you take.


I was just imagining gray brick and couldn’t picture it, but your house looks great!


My brick is more red than yours, I painted my siding green. The color of your brick would look nice with a medium blue gray I think.

I vote painting the brick. I love painted brick. Maybe greige siding and 70s brown brick. Or cre bricks. Or teal

Bluish slate grey, red door. Off-white shutters, I think.

Have some houses in the neighborhood like that and they look great.

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I would not paint brick, because then you forever have to maintain painted brick, which is more work than maintaining unpainted brick (which is mainly just repointing the mortar if necessary).


This is a good point. I was under the impression that people paint brink if there’s been a repair and the same brink can’t be sourced. I’d just give it a good power wash.

@daffodil2001 I love that color scheme!


Ahhhh that’s a good reason for painting it. I didn’t have painted brick, but I did have a brick house, and I was warned away from painting it (although I never wanted to in the first place). My neighborhood was a mixture of styles of brick and wood houses, and there were painted brick houses, and they did look nice, but so did the “naked” brick. :slight_smile:

My husband and I have the debate often. Painted brick maddens him but I like the way it looks.

@meerkat We usually go on drives to look at houses on Sundays. I’ll keep this thread in mind. I swoon for grey houses, though.

We went to Home Depot today and grabbed a bunch of paint chips. I have a general idea of what I’m leaning towards (like, a third of the color spectrum but not a specific color) but Mr. Meer is obviously overwhelmed with the choices right now.

These are all the paint chips. There’s so many they didn’t even all fit together on one side of the door.

Complicating factors:

  • The public rooms in our house are all open to each other and are painted a green similar to Eucalyptus Wreath, would it be weird to have the outside and inside both be green?
  • Several neighbors have grey/blue-grey houses. But we don’t live in an HOA so we can paint our house whatever color we want if we were absolutely in love with grey or blue-grey.
  • I think we’ll pass on painting the brick but looking at it now, it looks like maybe it was painted or whitewashed or something before?? Weird. It’s 97% behind shrubs if you’re looking at it from the street anyway.

These are the preferred ones after some editing:

Preferred ones with names/numbers visible:

In the moment seems nice. How would it look from your green interior?

I thought the same thing as I was going down the colors.

Although, this is the only place where you can see the inside and outside colors at the same time if it matters. (Wow, terrible lighting.)


Good, I think. Hard to tell, but general impression is good.


I’ll add it to the “get samples” list. I need to harass the spouse to try to edit down his own choices more, there was only one he nixed this afternoon. Earlier when I laid out all the chips to form my own opinions, as soon as I came inside he said “What’s that, you’ve made a final decision on the best paint color and we don’t have to decide any more? Great!” lol. I did say if he wanted me to I’d pick one out right then and there - I was leaning towards the Lunar Surface since it’s a very very light grey.


I’m partial to In the Moment, but I have a thing for green houses. There is something so honey and comforting and warm about them to me.

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