What Badges do you want?


Hey folks, I can make special badges that go next to your name in the forums. I’m a big proponent of badges because YAY gamification. Some I can do automagically, and so I would have to manually add. I was thinking of some fun ones but let me know if there’s more that would be helpful or fun:

  • We already have a special badge for Patreon backers
  • Maple Leaf for Canadians (we have a few)
  • Billfolders? Maybe we can come up with something

Anything else exciting?


I got a Canadian badge!!! Can we have pet badges? Crazy cat Lady? Maybe dog and baby and whatever else people keep? Cat badges are on brand for you


“My dog is my baby”?


Yes to dog babies.


I have no useful answers, only that I really like that the badges exist. XD
It gives me joy.



Just ideas, not demands:

  • an entrepreneur badge?
  • a loves reading badge?
  • an MMM badge?
  • a human parent badge?
  • a real estate badge?
  • a foodie badge of some sort (an easy cupcake or taco or TINY FLOWERS!! jkjk; I said foodie, not pretentious).

I realize none of these are automagic. Oops.

OK, automagic ones:

  • a # posts badge (for specific milestones)
  • a # “liked” (for specific milestones)
  • anniversary badges for old timers (eventually)?
  • a “helpful” badge that somehow people can nominate/vote people into having? to encourage helpfulness in the forum?



…apparently the forum software has some difficulty with my incomplete sentence :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:




YAS!!! gets to work


Has anyone figured out how to see how many likes you’ve made in a day?


I also wish to know this. And why I had the first flag badge (for chatbot) but have lost it, and why the links I’m making aren’t getting me that linky badge thing.
For example, link to Hogwarts that should do something…

ETA: this one got me the linky badge, otherwise known as Onebox:



I’m only bestowing location badges without asking if I know you’ve identified yourself as in that location, and if you want me to remove it let me know. Likewise if you want one, PM me. Currently we have:

Pacific Northwesterner - for the Cascadia Bioregion (down to Arcata, up to Vancouver, over to Idaho)
Aussie - for Australians (they’re all asleep right now)
Kiwi - for new zealand
United Kingdom - for UK folks
Midwesterner - for Midwest US folks
Mile High Club - for anyone who lives on a mountain/at elevation

We also have FIRE badge for people that are financially independent/retired early. Just PM me if you want it!


California badge? Maybe a sun disk. :wink:


Now added: Californian avocado
and Texan butter
and People who Live on Boats

Please request if you belong in any category.


The avocado with the face is adorable!!!


I’m throwing out beer cans that overwintered on my balcony. And two cigarette packs. These are thanks to me dumping the person who lived on a boat. I would like a badge for that. And a Dalek vag badge


I love the Aussie badge :rofl: “dangerous animals and something called supers”


I am an avocado!

All I need is a Pusheen-avocado icon and I will have created the most perfect avatar


Lol, no the a sun disk is appropriate for Arizona, where it is often hotter than the surface of the actual sun…


Um, I want the tiny flowers badge :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: