Weekend Plans

I feel this thread should be brought back to life…

I’m currently procrastinating going to a couple of classes, but I get to see my friend so it’s good motivation. I need to do a bit of paper shredding, and probably do some reading. Not too exciting.

Anyone else?


Today I have company coming over…everyday is a new experiment in levels of scruffy hospitality.

Tomorrow if all parties are feeling brave enough (me, baby, and pilot) and the car is repaired and
fitted with a carseat, then we are going to the big aquarium. For fun!


Going to a symphony concert tonight! Maybe also a hike/walk earlier in the day too



Finishing putting away our Christmas decorations

Baking some snacks for running, and some cookies for tonight’s board game party

Go to board game party

Some friends coming over tomorrow to help with some minor house projects and then eat pizza and play Pandemic Legacy

Oh and I should get groceries but I’m already tired and my plans haven’t even happened yet, so maybe we’ll just eat random pantry meals all week.


Yay weekend!

Today I’m doing volunteer Tax Prep and then probably lounging around with spouse (maybe we’ll make pizza or something fun for dinner?)

Tomorrow my parents are coming for a early lunch and then a movie. Tomorrow afternoon will be grocery shopping + meal prep as always…


It’s already 8:15am and I am still in my pajamas because there is no morning skate sessions… so things are going poorly?

This weekend:
-edit a video
-finish annual report
-post Jan report
-write a script
-budget work for station
-Skate tommorrow

Plus: donuts with friends and special guest @flan and a fundraiser Dinner tonight


Good thread! :slight_smile:

Going for a birthday bike ride today - $0

Tomorrow my climbing group is driving over to a bigger city to climb at a bigger gym with much taller walls than ours. We’ll get something to eat afterwards. I’ll chip in gas money ($5-$10) + climbing ($16 day pass) + food ($20?) That’s an unusually expensive Sunday for me, but it’ll be fun!


@LittleWanderer is today your birthday?! If so, Happy Birthday and enjoy your birthday bike ride, I hope it’s not too cold and the sun is out!!

This weekend I was planning to ride bikes, but I’ve had a killer neck/headache for the past few days, and it has stuck around this morning, so I think I’ll be lazy around the house today.
Tomorrow I’ll ride (hopefully) and maybe catch up with some friends who are in town. Oh, and I have a massage scheduled, which my achy terrible back will be very grateful for.
I’ll probably make a few meals for the week, but no idea what to cook yet!

Today I am going to spend a lot of money on shoes…I’m ordering like 8-10 pairs of shoes from Zappos, and will probably return most if not all of them since my feet hate to fit in any shoes but Chacos. I am sick of my feet hurting at work, so I am going to actively try to solve this problem while I am stuck in bed with a headache


It is! Thank you! :slight_smile: I may or may not attempt my age in miles…I’ve done it running, but never biking. (I mean, it IS winter in Wisconsin, after all.)

I hope you get to enjoy a much warmer ride than me tomorrow!


Happy birthday! There seems to be a lot of February babies here - our parents were busy for graduation.

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Wait are donuts today or tomorrow?

Happy birthday @LittleWanderer!

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Happy birthday!

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@LittleWanderer happy birthday!!!

I’m going on a birthday bike ride later today! Not mine, though. Then musical gathering for birthday celebration. Pay what you want for the show part (it’s all friends performing the birthday person’s songs! It’s going to be so fun!) and I paid $30.

I had my first knitting lesson today at a coffee shop and spent I think $7.

Tomorrow: cleaning, meal prep, re-sand/salt the sidewalk.


Thanks, everyone! :slight_smile: I managed my outdoor 37 mile ride, which is pretty crazy here in February. Uh, thanks for the gift, global warming?


Adulting…got my missing tax form so those should be filed shortly (currently taking a break before I do a last review for errors), and I’ll set up the auto-pay for April, and then since I also got my ballot for the primary I should be a responsible citizen and start researching. And at some point I need to make food.


It’s nearly 50! So we took a walk, I dropped off some stuff at the recycling center near us, and I cooked 2 things to eat off of for the week. Later, we are making PIE (with pre-made crust and the cherry pie filling I canned over the summer so it will be fairly simple).

It’s going to be nice tomorrow too but I’ve absolutely no idea what to do with my day. I’m dealing with some neck pain/stiffness, so nothing too physical; gym is most likely out. I don’t really feel like spending money. We already got takeout Thai last night and have a rule about only eating out once a week.


We took it easy yesterday, park, naps and I went to my Tai Chi class. Today we’re busy, taking the toddler to Sushi train and then IKEA, and dinner at MIL’s house.


Tuesday night is still the weekend, right?


Sure because your weekend could be Tuesday Wednesday!

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