Weekend Plans

What are your weekend plans? Do you think you’ll drop a ton of money or stay home?

I teach tomorrow afternoon and hope to film 2 YouTube videos and get things planned for Japan the following week. Not much else planned unless I can make it to the rink for some skating.

I’m guessing:
$25 in groceries for the week
$13 for ice time
$30 in assorted things I realize I need to buy before I leave the country and hurriedly order from amazon

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I’m testing eyelash glue as a medium for sticking glitter and flowers to my self . While eating a lot.

Yesterday I ate a whole pizza.


I will be spending $15-20 tomorrow on brunch, because my house is conducting a meeting-without-problem-housemate and decided that doing it out of the house was better than doing it in the house.

WEP otherwise do not involve spending.

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$30? On a bottle of whiskey to take to a friend’s tonight. $15?20? On a Lyft home as it’s snowing like crazy so I’ll take the bus there rather than bike.

Tomorrow groceries ~$30 at Aldi.

Hopefully free ride to friend’s to help w babies, and same Sunday.

~$30 on groceries. ~$90 in fuel between us to get home (that amount gets us back to Grad School City again, but I think we both need it).

We’re going to get Baby a passport picture so she can get ready for Rockdollar Family Adventures. Currently no Adventures are scheduled, but you never know what may come up.


I’m working Saturday and Sunday. Might spend $25 on dog supplies and $20-30 on some gardening supplies.

We are driving an hour each way for a play date tomorrow, but that shouldn’t cost any money. Maybe $100 on groceries. We will buy whole milk for the wiggler to start to transition him off formula!

Probably gonna head downtown to a couple spots- farmers market, spice store, new department store thing. It’ll be $2-4 for street car passes (depending on time line), and then… however much food we buy :slight_smile:

Friend will probably come over, but no plans as of yet.

May drive to the coast Sunday. That’ll be gas money and maybe some food (gonna try to plan and pack though!)


Super chill weekend here - we’ve been busy the last several since moving to Hometown, and felt like taking it easy. Went out to dinner with the in laws tonight ($0, despite our constant protestations), tomorrow I’ll go to yoga (prepaid, $8/class), and Sunday I’m getting a massage (overdue, $70+tip for an hour long deep tissue). In the interim, movies, taxes, and catching up on some work for both of us.

Oh and also I got a six pack of beer and a “beer spotlight” bomber for a grand total of $10.50 after work today.

Ok I’m just going to keep editing this as we spend money this weekend. We went out for lunch (2 delicious sandwiches, housemade potato and sweet potato chips, a kale salad, and a big chocolate chip cookie), $20; went to the grocery store for assorted things, $48; went to another brewery (working our way through all 10 in town eventually), $20. But tonight and tomorrow should be nothing except for the massage…

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This weekend is going to be a spendy one. Went to dinner tonight with friends, getting my quarterly haircut tomorrow and buying fancy shampoo/conditioner, buying yarn and fabric for some projects, might attempt to get my favorite jade Buddha pendant fixed at the jeweler.

It will be spendy but all of it is money spent with small independent businesses so I feel really good about that. I want these places in my community so that means I need to support them with my $$ when I’m able.

  • I have to acquire some large cardboard boxes (large enough for an adult to crawl through) for a game jam next weekend; hopefully I can scavenge instead of buying. ($?)
  • Preparing for GDC may mean a trip to Buffalo Exchange, I’m not sure I have a week’s worth of presentable clothes ($40)
  • hanging with friends on Saturday at a five bar ($15) and Sunday at a fancy restaurant ($40).
  • buying groceries and cooking for the week, I’m thinking chicken salad and a Crock-Pot stew ($60)

… this is kind of a busy weekend oof

Massages are so great! Enjoy the heck outta that

I am forced to stay home and spend no money. My family’s taking care of me after dental surgery, so I’ve got pudding, protein shakes, and mashed potatoes in the fridge, Hulu that a generous soul bought me, and some programming tutorials that I will try to get to when I’m not zoned out on Vicodin. My cousin and I might also dick around with his giant camera collection.

Of course, I spent a buttload of money on Thursday, like over $2,000, so this week was still a bit expensive.



That sounds like a good recovery weekend, Monkey! I hope your teethies and mouth heal up quickly!

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Pity me, I have a normal sized weekend of just (2) days.
Today I ran around doing errands (prescription for the cat, prescription for me), made some Grown Up Food ™, and will be going to see a movie at a friend’s house (free) with pizza (not free, unsure if I’ll bring my own non-pizza food or not).
Tomorrow I will go to the hardware store for Jewelry Storage Attempt #1 which, ( :crossed_fingers: ) will result in an actual thing I can use to store/display said jewelry. (??$$) Also I will pick up the house and possibly play music with a friend (free).


Thanks Oro! Enjoy your movie and music, sounds fun! With or without pizza. Although crap now I want pizza.



Well I already totally underestimated my $$ … spent $45 on booze at Trader Joe’s (whiskey for friend, cider for me, wine for housemate). My first ever Lyft last night came to $32. But I am so glad to have that option; it took two+ hours via transit to get to my location six miles away and I would’ve had to sleep on a cold couch and catch a 5am bus today. $32 to sleep in my own room and sleep in 'til 7am, heck yes.

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The weekend is practically over, but it’s a long one for us, so: I had to buy an emergency lunch between naptime and racing out the door, and I expect $150 in groceries today (Sunday). Monday will be planning a lot of expensive projects and deciding on contractors to get quotes from, but hopefully no money spent yet.


Last night we had some friends over and sprung for pizza from the place next door ($15 I think?). Today I did volunteer tax prep at a VITA site and then my parents were in town and took us out to lunch.

I did spend $6 on a drill bit set when I only need one of them and could have found it cheaper elsewhere but I just needed the project to be finished! I need to run to the grocery store in a few minutes since we are hosting other family members tonight so maybe $30-$40 in groceries and that should be about it for the weekend!