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Since I’ve shared related things before:


Direct quote.

The Equip for Equality letter, citing ProPublica and Tribune reporting, noted that the school had no curriculum for teaching social and emotional skills even though students are placed there because of their emotional and behavioral disabilities.

I was waiting for the shoe to drop since the start of the article. Who wants to bet those kids have education plans (IEPs?) That are being completely ignored and so the kids are dysregulated and lashing out?


Right?! I’m glad some of this stuff is finally getting press at least. I hope that’s a sign of something. It would be great if we could have more press around the school to prison pipeline so many of these kids end up in. Disabled people (specifically intellectually/developmentally disabled) are the most overrepresented group in US prisons and it’s like, not really acknowledged?


The prison system for kids here is starting to get press, though i don’t know that it’s properly getting mainstream press. Huge problem here with disabled and neuro divergent Aboriginal kids, like it’s really obvious in the statistics.


Things like accessibility and training have such an overall positive impact for everyone. It infuriates me that we don’t recognize that as a society, and do better!



Is it me or does it kind of look like he’s flipping the bird?

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Hey frens! I just wanted to share this here because I do stuff with this organization (Unchained At Last) which is working to end child marriage in the USA.


It’s only illegal in 7 states right now and they created this video to raise awareness. Some states have no age limit at all. Girls as young as 10 have been married, recently. In most cases of child marriage in the USA it is young girls being married to adult men.

I got to see the women whose stories are portrayed in this video speak and it was incredibly moving. I hope some of you will watch it and possibly share/donate it if you feel so inclined <3 TW, obviously.


Here is a related news article from the Washington Post.


TW - miscarriage

@LadyDuck Unlocked this for you. Thought you would think it was interesting and be interested in sharing.


Thank you! I hadn’t seen this but I’m so glad it’s getting this coverage.

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Thank you for sharing and unlocking it! There have been incredible advances in treatment and care because of her work! It only briefly mentions the HER foundation but their website is a really incredible resource. Quality of care and awareness of this is incredibly variable, probably because there’s no neat Y/N or test to prove that you have it. The gene is a massive breakthrough, and it’s still being mentioned in literature on it that it’s related to other hormones when it’s been proven that is incorrect. I was on the same drug used to treat nausea & vomiting in chemo patients at the max dose (zofran/ ondansetron), which the nurses in my ward didnt believe because “thats only for chemo patients, haha” (I had gone off-script and increased my dose while at home, and went back on the higher dose once I was out of hospital again). It says it’s rare at 2% but because of the whole sliding severity thing it’s likely more. Her experience of the change between each pregnancy is pretty much what i experienced except i responded well to my IV and meds, but I’ve heard regular stories on the facebook groups of being in hospital for weeks on end.


This one got me riiiight in the eye-rolls.

Some opponents and civil liberty groups including the ACLU have also questioned whether there’s sufficient evidence behind the push for new laws, particularly in six states that do not track marriages by age.

Because we dont make laws that would just tidy off the possibility anyone could use them for harm in the future? No. We wait until we prove people are being harmed :roll_eyes:
I wonder what the legal age of sex is in all those states. I should look it up the marriage laws in my own.


I appreciate both of you sharing about these topics but now I’m just depressed. Why are humans so cruel to each other?


This is a HUGE victory!


This is fascinating, as someone with a -10 prescription. Growing up I was told by optometrists that it was probably genetic but they didn’t know. I was very much an indoor child. My mom was told by somebody that I needed to look at things further away so she made me stare out the window :joy:.

My son gets plenty of outdoor time now at daycare, but this is something I want to keep in mind as he gets older and I need to find aftercare for him in elementary school.


Huh. I had -9 and was a huge reader growing up. My dad had horrible vision and he, too, was a big reader. My mom and sister not so much and they had perfect vision!

I was also told to look out the window but I didn’t do it that much. Now if I do it, it’s probably too late!

And of course now I’m on my phone all day.

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Perms are coming back.


Aaack! I have exactly the wrong hair type for perms. Ask me how I found out.