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That Jack Black’s mom set a high bar


Oh god I am SO here for this. I love love love random tidbit learning.


She is seriously mother to half of Tenacious D? :flushed: OMG


another one of her sons created the GPS enabled mobile device (military)

and apparently “Many things that today we consider routine — the posting of job openings inside of a company so that anyone could apply, formal job descriptions for every position, and so forth - were her creations.”


“For decades, First Nations people in British Columbia knew their ancestral homes—villages forcibly emptied in the late 1800s—were great places to forage for traditional foods like hazelnuts, crabapples, cranberries, and hawthorn. A new study reveals that isolated patches of fruit trees and berry bushes in the region’s hemlock and cedar forests were deliberately planted by Indigenous peoples in and around their settlements more than 150 years ago. “


similarly, the high levels of seafood in the islets is partially due to intentional aquaculture engineering projects


Makes sense! There’s a lot of info about this in the book 1491, though i believe it’s more focused on Central and South America IIRC.


Wild. Those beautiful Japanese cherry trees? Basically useless for pollinators. Along with other double petal flowers.

“ Most of the time, the mutation that leads to double flowers converts stamens into petals. But in the wild, the stamen—typically a filament with a yellow anther—has a role to play. It provides pollen… exactly what many pollinators come to look for in a flower. Indeed, many pollinators depend entirely on pollen as a food source. To them, double flowers are a disaster: there is no pollen… or at least, there is less. (Some double flowers still have at least a few functional stamens, but often they are hidden by too many petals and difficult to access.)”


Oh no, I looooove double flowers.

I guess the solution is to plant more regular flowers too.

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Super interesting. The amount of plastic in the great garbage patch doesn’t account for much of what we know is in the ocean. This video looks at where the rest of it is, research around it all, etc.

Also means we’re going to have to find a new approach for ocean cleanup, since we’ve been focused on what ends up accounting for only 1% of ocean plastic.

(I knew about the micro plastics, but there was a lot in this I didn’t know before. It means beach cleanup actually does make a big difference potentially. May start volunteering for those as something actionable, we’re within a couple hours of the Pacific Ocean).


You don’t even have to travel all the way to the beach to make an impact. Cleaning up river and stream banks helps prevent the stuff from moving downstream to the ocean during high-water events.


And in my city even picking trash on walks around the block directly prevents it ending up in the mississippi

Thanks for sharing that @Bracken_Joy!