Thrifting Scores


This month I’ve gotten amazing deals on Craiglist, so thought we could start a thrifting/secondhand scores thread. We are still working on adding to our house and wardrobe, so I am often on the lookout.

Here’s one I just picked up today.

a six month old West Elm table, 6 matching chairs, and 3 matching barstools for $350. Valued at $2400!!


That table suits the window etyle so well! And wow on the value too.


That’s gorgeous!

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Thanks! I originally thought we should build a bench seat, but this seats more and is easier.

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I’m so excited for this thread! Most of my wardrobe and furniture came from thrift stores. Currently away from home for a work trip or else I’d post some pics.

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Excited to see when you do post!


I am so here for this thread. But i might only apply it going forwards as most of everything i own is second hand lol, including my cat (She’s definitely my best find, although I think she owns me).


Ooh I did find my hamster when I was a kid! Or you mean adopted from a shelter?


Hahaha that really is second hand! Yeah she was from a shelter but I got her during a free adoption drive so extra thrifty??


I will have to remember to repost some of my OOTD pics here :smile:

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Pretty much my whole summer wardrobe is thrifting scores. I get most of my dresses and nicer shirts for $5, but sometimes the store has half off sales. Plus a summer bathrobe (last photo on the right). I had been thinking about buying a light cotton bathrobe online for like $45 dollars but found this one at the thrift store for $3.

My typical summer outfit is a dress/tunic with leggings, because I spend a lot of time on the floor/ground playing with animals and don’t want to flash anyone.


I got this shirt for $5 at my local secondhand clothing store (where everything is $5). It has tiny little stars all over it. I love it.


Got an AngQi U-shaped pregnancy pillow at Goodwill* for $5. Not one tiny bit pregnant, thank god, but I’m hoping it will be good for sleeping with my various injuries and age-related aches and pains. If not, I’ll donate it to a thrift store in a much less affluent area, maybe do some good that way.

*Bedbug note: then I left it in the back of my truck in the sun for several days. I figure if it melts CDs, it probably kills bugs.


It was $1 day at the thrift store


Wooo! My Goodwill does dollar color tags but I never have any luck finding them


Oh somehow I just found this thread! Fun!
I’m almost 100% Thrift/Resale in terms of stuff (furniture, household goods, kitchenware, clothing, shoes, whatever).
Probably realistically like 80% if Craigslist/OfferUp/EBay count? So this thread is right up my alley!


$9 (kinda high but I reeeeeaaaallly wanted them).


Those fit you perfectly!


Little boys 6 (fits prescribed women’s 7.5/8, generally)!! :rofl: I always check the boys sections!


That is genius

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I can also generally fit a boys 16 or 18 husky in a top too. Fits like a women’s M/L. Kids bottoms- no way, I can’t fit any of them. But tops and shoes work!
Kids clothes are sometimes cheaper since thrifts get a lot donated!