This is Bullshit

Leaked opinion on Roe v. Wade. My opinion? Women will die.


Saw that too. Yep. Also many four-letter words.


Oh no


Mother fucker.


Just read it, absolutely horrible

Yep. Seems to come from the same faction that is pro-life, except they stop caring about lives or quality of lives the minute of birth.


Or the lives of those carrying them, regardless of whether the one inside is actually eventually capable of sustaining it’s own life.


Thoroughly fucking disgusted and scared and angry.

I just feel like there is nothing we can do, we are just all sitting ducks getting our rights trampled. We have a D president and House and (barely) Senate and THIS SHIT IS STILL GOING ON. Positive change is STILL not occurring and rights are not being protected. What happens when the R’s sweep the next election?


If this is indeed the final majority opinion, it also sets some really frightening precedents as well, like setting stage for no more birth control, outlawing same-sex marriage, and more.


I read this morning that there’s language in this thing that hints at repealing the court decision that made it legal for people to have consensual gay sex in their own homes. FFS.


Yup, in addition to getting rid of a crucial medical procedure in the majority of US states, this roe v wade was decided by right to privacy. So was Overturning laws banning same sex relationships in private, teaching your kids another language at home, interracial marriage, same sex marriage…


Just another vote for, I hate this so much! People will die or lose their ability to have wanted kids in the future from unsafe procedures. Few Americans want a total ban (I’ve seen under 20%) and it is not a great sign for democracy that they just don’t care about public opinion any more.

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You mad, bro? Fine. The country isn’t going in a direction you find to be moral. That sucks. Guess the next question is: What are you going to do about it? Sound, and fury, and a little bit of marching before e’eryone moves on, like with George Floyd?

Or you gonna go get your EMT certification, or Wilderness First Responder, or Paramedic certification, so you can be with women during the inevitable back alley coat hanger abortions? You gonna become part of the underground that knows how to make those suction out of some tubing, and a big syringe? You gonna find aftercare supplies and antibiotics?

Anyone here going to put their life on the line for what they believe in?
… …
… .



The idea that everyone who is opposed to this decision must be prepared to take up arms & cost hangers sounds dismissive of the very real frustration, anger, actual bodily health risks, or fear involved. I skew strongly towards action and systemic change but think it’s fair to be angry, to grieve, to need space to process trauma before springing to action – for a moment or, for some people, forever. And once ready, there are in betweens: donating, demonstrating, organizing.

I’m not happy about it either, for all the reasons mentioned here. But my feelings are a bit more nuanced.

The role of the courts is not to legislate, or impose public opinion, but to apply and interpret the laws that are actually on the books. Writing the laws is the job of the legislative branch. We have a process in place (although it is under attack) to have our representatives pass the laws we want.

Things are happening:

And given that public opinion supports things like access to birth control, and abortion, will these opinions be heard at the ballot box?

The Right likes to remind us that Freedom isn’t Free - there is some truth to that.


If anyone knows who, if anyone, is helping people access abortion in Canada, let me know. I have a spare bedroom. I’m going to ask around locally. My assumption is that this will become a normal thing fairly quickly.


Sorry I’m a bit busy being terrified because banning abortions is right up against banning medical assistance for miscarriage (D&C and D&E) and I would have died a couple years ago. I’m in a different country, and plenty of women have my exact complication every year. I needed a hospital, and if I’d been on the wrong side of statistics like a friend, would have required chemotherapy.


As in. Give us a moment. Feelings first. Fighting after.


I’m not, but I wouldn’t put my life on the line unless it were in defense of myself or someone close to me. Frankly, I wouldn’t be much of an asset, lol. Some people will do it, though, and just like pre Roe v. Wade some will be altruistic and some will be out for personal gain.

That said, I don’t think it’s common, at all, for the majority of a population to put themselves in mortal peril for the greater good. That would be a terrible way to design a modern civilization. I mean…what would the point of civilization even be if that were the case? Only like 11% of the American population served in the military during WWII, for example. Sure, they aren’t the only Americans who assisted in the war effort or did vital things to help, but they are if we use the standard of putting yourself in physical danger. And really it’s even lower than that because that’s including desk jockeys. A lot can be accomplished by allowing different types of people to each do their bit.


Hmmm. Why don’t you start with, what are you doing? Why don’t you motivate/inspire us little ladies by setting a good example?