This is Bullshit


Apologies, I wasn’t very clear. I meant the question more broadly than “who’s willing to die.” I thought the implication would carry from the paragraph before, but I can see that it didn’t.

So, more specifically, to all readers and not just AllHat, who posting here is willing to radically alter their lives in order to fight --actions, not actual blows-- for those with uteruses to maintain our status as fully autonomous beings?

Are you willing to perform abortions?

Are you willing to transport pregnant people across state or international lines, even if this becomes a crime?

Are you willing to risk incarceration, being investigated, experiencing violence, being questioned?

Are you willing to put your spouse at risk of incarceration, violence, investigation, questioning?

Are you willing to indoctrinate your children? Use them as couriers? Allow them to put themselves at risk for incarceration, violence, investigation, or questioning?

What is each and every responder here willing to do, or to risk, in order to fight against those who would oppress those with uterus?

edit: fixed the references to women.

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Not just women can become pregnant.


I know, as did I. IMO risking incarceration is risking your life-- so I think my response still stands. I think even if you change “risking life” to “risking freedom” or “risking violence”…most people aren’t going to do that for the greater good.

It’s not necessarily a great idea to discuss things that have been done on an open-ish forum.

Which reminds me, PSA: cryptocurrencies are not as secure as the casual user has been lead to believe. There was an article on about it recenlty. I’ve seen the DHS tracing the blockchains, and it’s both cool and dead-fucking-easy.

Considerations for those who decide to donate, should donation paths come under stricture.

I think that means I have my answer.

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You already knew that, though, right? Otherwise you would have assumed that everyone posting here was going to gear up and go in hard.

My emotions come out differently than many here. Does that mean I have to regulate them, when the standard set of emotions are allowed?

Legit question. I find it all pretty interesting. Then again, we’re going to end up right back at the Safe Vs. Inclusive argument, and that rarely ends up with anyone feeling positive. I’ll step down, and let the standard take the floor.

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So we need to prove to you that we’re hardcore and ready to go all in on a semi open forum?

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I have no idea what you’re talking about? I’m not upset at all! I’m just super comfortable with how I see people and the world. You were posing a series of hard hitting questions so I provided what I think is a logical answer, which is that most people are moderate and unwilling to risk their own well being for the greater good–and that while that seems kind of terrible it doesn’t necessarily render us useless at effecting change, in part because some people are willing to do the feet on the ground stuff. And in fact, it’s a specific advantage of modern civilization…we don’t all have to be positioned at the door with a gun.

I have no idea what this even is!

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I thought the understanding of who I am on the MMM forum was still common knowledge here. I can see that it’s not, based on the gender assumptions.

Without that background, yeah, I can see why you’d post that. Dickwad charging in, etc.

My name on MMM is Sailor Sam. I’m a woman. I’m in the military, and I served as a gay person under DADT. I’ve struggled mightily with the morality of working for DHS during the era of Babies in Cages, and with being a LEO under George Floyd.

I got doxxed via AO3 and Twitter last year, and I learned a few things about leaving crumbs on the internet. Which lead me to the caution.


Perhaps this element should be moved to the whatsit thread?


Hey everyone! I am limited in my capacity to mod today, so I would like to ask everyone to take a step back and take a deep breath and step away from the keyboard. I think many of us agree but I am locking this thread for now because I can’t keep it from getting heated about a very important issue.