Things We Like!


I HAVE FIXED THIS!!! I hit my personal limit while I tried to PM someone “yaaasss” and it wouldn’t let me. Incomplete sentence your heart away.

I discovered a new thing I like: it shows where you are in a subforum based on your last visit with a gentle red line:



Okay actually are you sure these changes went into effect?
Because the above failed to post.


I think it was because there was another setting for all-caps posts. Now you can make them. Wanna check?




Aw man you just made my day. <3


I aim to please, and you appear to be easy to please. :wink:

Or should I say EASY TO PLEASE




ERMAHGERD THIS FORUM SAVES DRAFTS!!! I had started a reply on my phone, but then got interrupted, and when I got to my laptop I was dreading having to retype the thought, BUT THEN IT WAS JUST MAGICALLY THERE!!! +10000000


I know we’ve said this before but quoting! Quoting is so easy. I never even realized how hard it was on MMM until it magically became soooo much easier here and now I’m on MMM and like… I can’t just highlight what I want to quote? I have to remember it and go back later? Don’t wanna.


OMG I did not realize you could quote by highlighting! This is amazing.


Not site-related, but I love how safe and friendly this forum feels. And because it’s smaller, more private. I felt antsy posting any sort of identifying information about myself on MMM but I don’t feel that way here!




I can just LEAVE A THREAD. And then it opens back to where I was! Omg. I don’t have to finish an entire page and hope to computer doesn’t crash in the meantime.


I didn’t realise before, but it doesn’t just save drafts man , it saves drafts within the thread. So I can open a different thread, then come back later and my draft ing is still there.

Edit: omg my writing is so bad and needs autocorrect to go away.


Super glad you pointed this out. I didn’t know!

Has no one
Talked about how
Easy making tables
Is yet ?


Is there any way to make the OP of a thread appear at the top of the screen by the thread name? Sometimes it’s confusing in the journals, especially since a lot of people don’t have their username in their journal name.

  • I like that we can make polls!
  • I really like that we can make polls!
  • Even better, we can set them to close automatically (on April Fools’ Day!)

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I’ve been told this has turned out to be tricky, and they are working on solutions. Maybe I should go change my journal title to make it easy on the meantime?


Yours is pretty obvious I think. Since Duck is right in there.