Things We Like!


Dang, can’t find them from my phone. Will try again later. I knew I should have bookmarked. I remember g + t goes to the top and I think g+ n is new posts.


The search function!!!
I did ctl+F to try to find a recipe on my journal thread, and LO AND BEHOLD, magic happened.
It was a total mind-blown moment.


So, the keyboard shortcuts are a pop-up accessible only when you have a keyboard. Click on the menu to the left of your avatar in the header, and the shortcuts are in the bottom section with “About” and the FAQ. Here’s a screenshot:


I need to check this out when I am at a keyboard. I am intrigued by the “hamburger menu.”


It’s so easy to draft a reply while continuing to read a thread, and similarly to multi-quote a long thread. SO EASY. I LOVE IT.


AND if a new reply comes in while you’re writing your own, it shows up.
It’s freaking magic.


I was literally about to return to this thread to post this fact. Threads update in real time! Amazing.


I LOVE that this forum doesn’t time out every time I have something to ACTUALLY say via PM or post to people who sound like they are struggling rather than just casual blah blah.

(oh wait, was the title of this thread Things I Greatly Dislike About A Different Place Entirely?)


But also TRUTH. side eye




My phone’s web browser (chrome) just asked if I wanted to add OMD to the home screen. YES. Now I have a super handy clicky link straight to forum! I don’t know or care if this is particular to the web browser and not the forum but I LOVE it.


Gotta say, I am enjoying the badges way more than I should.




I am also continually appreciating how well this works on mobile, especially whilst making… comparisons… to other forums. :wink:


And the drafts get saved!


And the drafts get saved and TRANSFER BETWEEN MOBILE AND DESKTOP.
Like I can start typing something on desktop, switch to mobile, finish it, and post.


… that’s AMAZING.


Still annoyed I can’t reply all-caps though. I have to explain that I’m annoyed like this in order to do so. “not a complete sentence” my ass. I PUT TWO PERIODS IN THERE.


“Yes it is” is 100% a complete sentence. Subject, predicate, boom.


I would also argue that “Yes.” is a complete sentence, too.
But I fear we’re sliding into the weeds here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: