Things We Like!


Here are some things I really like about this site:

  1. How fresh/modern it feels
  2. How well it works on mobile (OMG I didn’t realize how nice this was)
  3. That I get little pings on mobile (after having turned that feature on) when someone replies to me/a thread I’m tracking
  4. The badges HEHEHE
  5. The commands seem pretty intuitive


I know I set it up, but it’s not my software and I’m still learning it, so I’ll join in:

  1. I really like that quoting is so easy.
  2. Being able to see preview without having to reload the page!
    3. That I can have threads emailed to me + I can post by email!


Ooooh. I like people are making numbered lists. How you do that?


You literally just

  1. start making numbers
  2. and take it from there
    type # and ) and it auto-formats.

  1. That seems really awesome
  2. Somehow also seems improbable that this forum software is so shiny, in spite of evidence to the contrary.
  3. Numbers.



Sorry, couldn’t resist yelling…

  1. Woah.
  2. is this working?
  3. Holy fudgecakes onna stick

Hmmmm I can see little buttons at the top but they give me #1 but not numbers after 1. Huh.

  • Still getting used to it.
    A * is a dot point.
    I really like the preview option.

I really like the simple syntax for making stuff like this! Use a > at the start of your sentence.

The mobile ease of use and the clean layout are excellent too.


I have to say, I haven’t been a fan of Discourse forums in the past, but gosh is this such a nicer experience on mobile than literally every other forum! It’s really quite good on a phone!


I like that it is blue and white. :smiley:


It’s really pretty! I’m not a huge user-of-forums on the internet, but this one is the most aesthetically pretty one of the handful I visit.


I also like the little round avatars with default letters for people who haven’t uploaded/chosen actual avatars–it bugged me at first (hence actually uploading my avatar which I have never done on MMM) but I like that people have a little picture to distinguish them even without an avatar. Of course, if two people have the same letter and background color I’m probably going to get really confused.


Ha, I totally didn’t even process the avatars. Need to do mine. At some point…

  1. Oooh numbers!
  2. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :wink: :upside_down_face:
  3. Badges
  4. I think I now like the unthreaded-but-with-a-way-to-see-replies thing
  5. I like the idea of highlighting to quote, but it doesn’t work from mobile most of the time
  6. Pictures are easy!


Yes re pictures!


Are they easy?

ETA they are and I like it



forum software does not like my incomplete sentence


Agreed, and kinda frustrating. I have to try 3-4 times any time I quote from mobile, so I use it less. Which sucks since I know it really clarifies threads!

But I agree, I’m getting way more used to the new format. “Like” is still strong, but “totally fine with” is probably accurate.


Huh. Ok I’m still playing with the “select & hit quote” method of quoting. I came here to mention something I like … Oh, the “who’s involved in a thread” page, that is quite nifty.


OMG just discovered the keyboard shortcuts! :heart::heart::heart:


What how where?