The Unf*ck It Thread

From dysfunctional coat closet that we can’t use because there’s always shit piled up in front of it:

To ugly but functional mudroom seating area:

If this proof of concept works we’ll build a bench and storage into this space. I feel good about it already.


Am in the midst of Project Unfuck my Office. It’s fairly dire in here, all. But I’ve discovered some flat surfaces!


Operation unfuck the crap, I mean craft, shelf


Not quite before. About half way point? Imagine the top shelves equally as haphazard as the bottom ones.


Ooh, I like the mitten hanger!


Thanks! It’s some kind of yoga strap daisy chain that I spotted at a CVS while I waited in a long line. A Eureka moment :joy:


Ignore how fucked the rest of it still is :joy: but I got some bins to spread Latte’s socks, hats, and gloves into their own spaces. Hoping the space and better visibility helps flow with them, even if they take up way more space this way.


I broke down so, so many cardboard boxes and dealt with the various packing garbage hidden inside them. I do not have a garage or any kind of storage space to hide boxes in, so these were floating around my living room and closet, getting in the way.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists might be the secret to activating project energy.


Omg yes, Ted Leo!

Sorry, no photos, but my fridge is the cleanest it’s ever been since it was new and I unpacked the sauces and things that were still living in bags (in the fridge) since the move. :sparkles:! And Human hooked up the icemaker so now we have :sparkles: fancy rich people fridge water :sparkles:!


slow clap incredible work!


Thanks, I even wiped it with SS wipes like some kind of overachiever!

… Though mostly because my reusable list sheets came in and I wanted it to look pretty :grin: (MC Squares, if anyone wants to spend excessive money’s with me :grin:)

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I got some of those MC Squares! But I did not clean my fridge first, lol.

I think they’re great and are THE product that will finally lead to an organized, fulfilled, and self-actualized life* Obviously.

*not a promise. Claims not guaranteed. Results may vary. Really this is probably an overexcited lie.


Look at this beautiful counter! Yesterday (and for the last… month) it was covered in random dishes and paper and some actual garbage.


Unfucked my tea shelf in the pantry. Still need a small container for the unwrapped teabags* that are now in repurposed baggies with the top of the box for identification purposes, but I’m not buying new plastic organizer things, so it’ll have to wait for one of the proper size to turn up at a thrift store.

Meanwhile they’re in an unattractive but utilitarian cardboard box, and I made enough space that all the tea ingredients I harvested myself are off the counter and in the cabinet. Unopened boxes of tea are off the top of the pantry, which I could not reach even with a stepstool, and on a shelf.

*Celestial Seasonings. I think I’m about to quit buying teas that wrap teabags individually. It’s such a waste.


Thoroughly unfucked my desk area of the living room / office space. Threw out a lot and donated a lot.


Properly cleaned out the fridge and wiped drawers and shelves. Not the too one, that was too high


Some shelfies from last weekend. May be less traumatizing to the clutter averse than my prior ones? That’s my goal anyway.

Added an extra shelf to reduce helper shelf needs!

Human installed slide outs in the very deep cabinets! Verdict TBD. Lost some height.


I don’t have pictures, but I unfucked my whole apartment yesterday. After a week of crap sleep, lots of events and hosting people and frantic art projects, the place was wrecked. Put stuff away, cleared the kitchen counters, did the dishes, took out garbage, and now my robovac is cleaning the floors.

There’s still some stuff hanging out, but it’s much less stress-inducing than before. Benefit of a small apartment, it doesn’t take that much time to clean up.


Looks great to me!