The Standing Ovation Thread


What have you been Awesome at lately? Not like Tony Victors (:wink:), I mean huge victors you’ve been fighting for, hard! Or big milestones you’re proud you made it to. Stuff like that.

I realized today that in the past 6 mos, exercise has become a regular part of my (and bf’s) life. It’s now the default, I now decide not to go to the gym if there is a reason, rather than choosing to go. I/we have never been this consistent before. And I’m climbing 11a’s, if that means anything to anyone. :grin:

So, what are you proud of?


I feel resistant to posting this because of stupid conditioning about lady types and bragging but fuck that, here it is.

I’m proud that I’ve spent the last 6 years building a business that has never taken on debt, doesn’t do things a certain way because that’s “just how you do it” but instead taking a thoughtful approach to consider what the best way for me is to do things, and has grown slowly but steadily. I’m even more proud that I did all of it in a forward thinking and careful way so that now when a huge opportunity landed in my lap I can say yes and know that I can deliver and that I will make money. All that is thanks to past ckni who paid attention and didn’t undervalue things even as a micro small business.

As my best friend reminded me recently, I am the guac, people will pay extra for me.

Excited to hear (and clap for!) everyone else’s stories!!


@Ckni27 that is AMAZING! I can’t imagine running my own business.

I was thinking more about the human tendency to focus on the negative, what we want/need to work on, etc. But this is so true also!!! Thank you for overcoming it. :heart:


I love this, lol.


We periodically text this to each other when one of us needs the reminder :rofl:


I submitted my PhD proposal! That was almost a year’s effort in 15 short pages. Now on to doing the real work.


Way to go!!!


That’s such a big milestone! Congratulations!!!


Yessss! You did it!